Boraie Development Builds Again with Shaquille O’Neal

A few years ago, Boraie Development teamed up with legendary NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Together, they developed a 168-unit apartment building at 1 Rector St. Though it’s not the building’s official name, many people refer to that building as “Shaq Towers.” Enthused by people’s response, O’Neal announced a second development.

While details are still under development, it’s been revealed that the next location, at 777 McCarter Highway in Downtown Newark, New Jersey, will be a 35-story property with 350 units. Nearly twice the size of his first co-op development, it’s no wonder why O’Neal refers to this next project as “the House that Shaq Built.”

O’Neal’s interest in developing properties throughout New Jersey has nothing to do with monetary gain. In his words, he wants to make Newark look more beautiful. In essence, he wants to see life and joy return to the neighborhoods he once called home.

If changing the way people see New Jersey is O’Neal’s dream, he found the right partner in Boraie Development to help achieve that dream. Boraie Development is known for its high-end luxury complexes. The most notable of its completed projects is The Aspire, a 17-story high rise in New Brunswick with over 200 units.

To be exact, The Aspire has 238 spacious residences, ranging from studio to two-bedroom apartments. The overall aesthetic and atmosphere of The Aspire are in the theme of a modern, full-service building people can spend their entire lives in and never feel sad.

The Aspire gives residents the chance to have the lifestyles they expect and deserve. Among the many exceptional amenities, residents of The Aspire have access to the most vibrant restaurant and retail center in all of central New Jersey. It was Hiam Boraie’s vision that The Aspire offer residents more.

His vision is seen in the floors plans featuring 9- and 10-foot ceilings. Such tall ceilings allow for oversized windows, which provide all units with amazing views of Downtown New Brunswick. While all residences have large windows and fantastic views, only a few have private terraces and balconies.

Though aesthetics and atmosphere are essential to creating the perfect luxury apartment, service is most important. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a place looks if its staff doesn’t smile and provide the best service.

Humble Beginnings to Vijay Eswaran’s Immense Success

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur, founder, and Executive Chairman of QNET, and the QI group, which markets direct selling, home care, nutrition, and a variety of other products via an e-commerce platform. The QI Group of Companies is recognized as a multi-business conglomerate with headquarters in Hong Kong, and offices located in 30 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. Vijay Eswaran is the author of books “Two Minutes from the Abyss: 11 Pillars of Life Management” and “In the Sphere of Silence” from which readers can gain more insight on Eswaran’s personal life and advice that he gives readers for enduring life challenges. He has also received several awards including Malaysian Business Awards (MBA) “CEO of the Year 2013” in recognition of his success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Despite Eswaran’s widely recognized success, he reveals that he endured much adversity in his journey as a young entrepreneur, describing that he did not have a family to help him during his journey and that it seemed as if nothing was going right for him. Like other successful entrepreneurs struggling to find their path to success, Eswaran was also met with doubt from others as he mentions that no one believed in him. It was this same adversity that gave Eswaran the motivation he has, leading to like-minded partners, and eventually his future wife.

Humility can be seen as a core value for Eswaran as he describes his leadership style as “service above self”. Eswaran’s approach to instilling humility into his team is a practice that is not widely discussed when mentioning CEOs, and this may potentially be a prominent factor that sets him apart from competitors. According to Eswaran, future plans for the company include creating a QI city, which seeks to operate similarly to an actual city.

Mastermind Nicolas Krafft’s Open Invitation to L’oreal

Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft shows his determination to maintain L’oreal’s position at the top of the fashion and beauty scene on September 30, 2018. Nicolas Krafft targeted Loral’s 2nd Annual Fashion Celebration to send L’oreal Paris’s message of its commitment to the people. Nicolas Krafft sent the message of inclusive beauty by putting together a fashion show on the River Seine, which flows right through the heart of Paris. The open event extended an invitation to all, symbolizing L’oreal Paris’s ongoing commitment to making fashion and beauty even more accessible.

The faces of Loreal Beauty Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin were present to show their support for the brand and it’s message. Further 13 of the fashion industry’s top designer brands including Sonia Rykiel, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu,and Chopard partnered up in collaboration to parade their latest collections down the 60 meter floating catwalk. Paralympic ski champion Marie Bochet also flaunted some of the latest fashions down the catwalk. Game of Thrones hero Nikolaj Coster alias Jaime Lannister among other high-profile individuals attended the event to join in on the fun. L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Artist Val Garland and Global Hair Artist Stéphane Lancien made sure everyone looked absolutely stunning. They created 70 new hair and makeup looks for the show.

Nicolas Krafft tactfully and skillfully transmitted to the whole world that his company is devoted to delivering the most recent and up to date fashion and beauty trends to the public. Screens were mounted in the streets of the capitol, facilitating the shows viewing near and far so that people could follow the event in case they were not able to attend. This action demonstrated the company’s determination to make fashion and beauty accessible and inclusive to everyone. L’Oréal Paris reached out to the world by broadcasting the show simultaneously in over 30 countries.

Matthew Fleeger- CEO of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is well rounded in the fields of finance, marketing, and business. He received his BA degree from Southern Methodist University in the year of 1985. Once out of college, he took his place in the oil and gas industry. He also founded the incorporation named MedSolutions, Inc in 1993.

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned company in which Matthew serves as the CEO, President, and the Director. This company is based out of Dallas, Texas, but also has locations in four other states including Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Matthew Fleeger is a highly recognized person when it comes to the oil industry. With his leadership skills, he brought new drilling technologies into the company. He was also able to secure joint ventures and partnerships that are helping the company in a more positive way. Matthew has always been able to prove himself successful in the way he manages the Gulf Coast Western.

During the oil recession, Matthew Fleeger was still able to keep his company going in a positive way. The importance of keeping a positive attitude, an open mind, working as a team, and creative options is what helped Gulf Coast Western survive during this storm. Matthew focused on growing the company’s efficiency by evaluating all aspects of the company and cutting down on the overhead. He was able to do all this while still maintaining all of the clients and everyone else involved in the success of the business.

Matthew Fleeger is a well-rounded man with many years of experience in the oil industry. He is well versed in the financial aspects of the business but also has the leadership skills and the integrity to make Gulf Coast Western stay a success in the future. He believes in his team including all the joint ventures and partnerships he has created throughout the years.

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How Nicolas Krafft, Vice President Of Global Business Development Maintains Ethics At Workplace

As L’Oreal engages in its day-to-day activities, the employees ensure that they are ethical always. With the help of the senior vice president, the Vice president of Global Business development at L’Oreal Nicolas Krafft organizes Ethics Day now and then to help in the company’s mission of maintaining high ethical standards.

The L’Oreal leaders feel that maintaining good moral values is significant for the company’s future development. These leaders support that solving the problem when it occurs is not the solution. Nevertheless, upholding the company’s principles help the company to achieve its goals.

These four principles include;

• Respect

• Transparency

• Integrity

• Courage

These values are vital in L’Oreal as they are designed to guide the company’s employees whenever they are working. For this reason, the management of L’Oreal including Nicolas Krafft holds Ethics Day for the Group’s employees to discuss different issues that can affect the company’s ethical standards and productivity at work.

Importance of holding Ethics Day in L’Oreal

L’Oreal holds Ethics Day for its employees and staff members annually. Krafft and other enterprise’s management communicate with their workers and staff through live web chat. During the discussion, employees ask a wide range of questions concerning their performance at workplace. The issues are directed to the company’s CEO, Chairman or the Vice President, Nicolas Krafft.

In this way, the L’Oreal’s staff can demonstrate their togetherness at work and their commitment. Actually, the main idea behind this Ethics Day dialogue is to ensure the togetherness of employees as well as motivate them to start constructive enterprises. There was the recent Dialogue day held in 2018 and thousands of employees participated in the discussion internationally.

In the conversation, all work-related questions are answered by Krafft and the team, and they encourage their employees to maintain ethical standards at work.

How Ethics Day helps promote moral values

During the discussion, the L’Oreal leaders help the workers to understand the value of maintaining ethical standards at work. They have designed e-learning programs and websites about the proper ethics at work and how the appropriate behavior at work boost good working relationship and production.

JingDong Improves Access To Resources & Cloud Computing

There are a lot of ways that has revolutionized the way that online shopping takes place in China. They have been recognized for their excellence in service as well as the continual development of their infrastructure. has contributed greatly to the way that people shop from the convenience of their home for everything. From household items to perishable ones it is clear that there are a lot of options with JingDong. They have contributed to new technologies and software systems that help with data management and infrastructure design. Their goals have been to improve e-commerce outcomes as well as customer standards. The goal of their excellent service is to improve the way that people communicate and shop online. They have accomplished this with years of experience and attention to detail.

Having collaborative relationships has been at the forefront of JingDong’s design and interest. With few governing officials, the innovations and strategies that the have executed are unique and continue to develop a commitment to improve online shopping experiences throughout Asia. After succeeding in a few verticals, they have branched out to reach every part of the country and assist with many different kinds of products and services. A lot of capabilities including lower costs as well as better service from customers. Artificial intelligence as well as the improvement of applications throughout the website have led to better customer retention and better access to goods in all categories.

Some of the advantages of their systems include efficiency, flexibility, better service outcomes and greater quality products. Sources can be remote or local, and delivery times are fast. A lot of this has to do with the architecture of their computing software. Some of the standards that they have established have empowered rural and otherwise remote communities while enabling them to access a variety of novel software and systems. One of the best parts of JingDong is their cloud computing platform. This has been developed consistently and has resulted in a wide variety of outcomes that are both comprehensive and incredibly unique. These systems set JingDong apart and help them provide superior service to their clients.

Equities First Holdings – Stock Based Lonas

Equities First Holdings made it into the news again thanks to their unique loan system that has taken the financial world by storm. By offering a new take on the typical loan service, Equities First Holdings has opened up their doors to a significantly wider customer base than many financial institutions.

Doing so has allowed the company to become one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the world and as a result, they have opened offices on multiple continents and several countries. Al Christy Jr created Equity First Holdings due to his desire to have a financial group in the world that was built on a strong foundation of transparency, integrity, and honesty as its core values.

There is no end in sight to the bright future that Equity First Holdings has set for itself and it would be a great boon to the financial world for them to stay at the top of their game at all times.

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Igor Cornelsen: Bainbridge Investments Founder and Long-Time Banking Industry Professional

If you are an investment banking enthusiast, then you may wish to learn more about Igor Cornelsen. Originally from Brazil, this individual has done quite well for himself in the world of investment banking, and he has had great longevity in this sector. Before his career, though, he studied hard while he was a student of Federal University, and he had an interest in both engineering as well as economics. 1971 is when he finally graduated with his degree and set out to make something of himself in the ever-competitive banking industry, where he would become a CEO as well as a founder later in his career.

When looking for work in his chosen industry of banking, Multibanco was where he ended up right out of university. Within only a few years, he managed to find a place on Multibanco’s board of directors, and, in 1976, he earned the most sought-after promotion of all. He became the brand new CEO! 1978 saw Multibanco get purchased by one of the most well-known names in the industry, Bank of America. It became clear at this point that it would be very advantageous for Igor Cornelsen to seek out new opportunities and greener pastures.

This is exactly what he did in 1985. Libra Bank PLC had an opening, and it seemed like a good fit for him. He worked there for many happy years before moving over to a place called Standard Merchant Bank and once again making his voice heard on a board of directors. This came to an end, though, when he made the bold decision, in 1995, to bring his vision into reality. This was when he started up Bainbridge Investments, which was Igor’s own firm. He currently is a well-respected name banking, though he no longer works there because he is now retired.

Dr. Carlos The Illustrious Automotive Industry CEO in Brazil

Dr. Carlos sits behind the success of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a heavyweight manufacturing industry in Brazil. His extensive expertise has granted him a chance of receiving an attribute at the ‘Car of the year’ award, the 52nd, which is a giant conglomerate of sales and production of cars of Brazil.

The event that elevated Dr. Carlos was held on November 26 at night and ‘Executive of the year 2019’ is the title category of the award. A famous specialized magazine called AutoEsporte from Editora Globa organizes as well as offers the award.

Dr. Carlos choice as the managing executive of 2019 is almost giving an end to a striking and an intense year for the automotive industry. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade announced last year the technical commercial and cooperation agreement with Chery; it enabled the creation of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Chery, which is a national assembly plant, new 100%.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Chery recorded great sales growth in its first year of establishment leading it to hold the 15th position from the 20th position; the ranking is done by brands in the country with a huge expectation of advancement and development with the new products’ launching. This year, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Chery presented their first model, Tiggo 2, just after the new brand’s sales success was announced. During the International Motor show held in Sao Paulo, they exhibited numerous electric and hybrid models, and Tiggo 8 was presented.

Dr. Carlos was extremely honored to receive the award as it proves to him that his industry is heading forward. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade industry has put on a lot of commitment to translate its dream of launching new car brands into an unimaginable reality. The national automaker under Dr. Carlos name is now a heavyweight in Brazil; it has surpassed nearly a million mark of commercialized vehicles.

Today, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Industry is present in almost all Brazil’s regions proving its undeniable growth. Dr. Carlos and his team are still working to build and strengthen its old relationships in order to make Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade the giant vehicle production and distribution conglomerate.

Alex Pall Talks About The Chainsmokers Getting Together

The Chainsmokers have been a household name when it comes to EDM-pop ever since the release of their hit #Selfie in 2014. Despite being around for a long period of time, the duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart continue to remain successful, releasing a number of successful singles, 3 EPs, and a full length album which was released in 2017 entitled “Memories…Do Not Open”.

Back when the single “Closer” featuring Halsey was released (which ended up being the duo’s most successful track), the two talked about how The Chainsmokers got started and what they were looking to achieve. Pall noted that DJing was a hobby for him as he was growing up, and he started building a career for himself in New York City, but still considered it to be simply side work that he was passionate about. He points out that it was scary being in the city and pursuing something which felt more like he was having fun than an actual job. However, he realized that music was starting to consume his life and wanted to give his career a proper shot.

Both Taggart and Pall were working with the same manager, who introduced the two. Upon meeting, Taggart moved from Maine and Pall quit his job in order to dedicate their time to what would soon become The Chainsmokers. Initially the two talked about their musical preference and understood what they were bringing to the table, and then the discussion shifted to how ambitious and driven were about music and wanting to be successful. Pall notes that both of them were observant about what was happening in the music industry and what were the things that worked and what didn’t.

The two started working on their music and on creating their identity as artists, Pall pointing out that they had a schedule from 9 AM to 7 PM every day. While they did not want to treat it like a job, the two were aware that they had a lot to learn and there was a lot of ground to cover. He also acknowledges that people relate to their music on a deeper level, and that moving forward they want it to be the case more and more.