Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is a well known good dog food that are sold at stores including Walmart. For a 15 pound bag, it usually cost around 14 dollars. There are a few different kinds which are the original,salmon, and chicken. To mention, there is also wet beneful dog food for around 14 dollars for a 27 pack that contain three different kinds. This brand of food is rated very well and for sure should satisfy your dog. Beneful does carry dog food with salmon in it but it only comes as an original. Most of these different kinds of flavors in these brands are made with real ingredients. Like a lot of things, they also have coupons to take a few of those extra dollars off as buying certain types of dog foods can be quite expensive. So buying beneful dog food would probably be one of the best choices you could ever make for your pet rather you are trying to help him or her loose weight or just give your dog something different to eat. Beneful on Walmart.

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