Bridget Scarr: An Inspiring Entrepreneur, Producer, And Creative Writer

Bridget Scarr is a creative writer and producer. Currently, Bridget works at Colibri Studios as an executive producer. Scarr develops compelling content from television to digital content. She has over 15 years of production experience in animation, Tv, and advertisement.



From 2008 to 2015 Bridget worked with partners to create Pollen Creative Media. Pollen Creative Media specializes in advertising, digital and broadcast solutions. The company grew from 5 employees and $ 10,000 to a group of companies with over 200 employees. During this time, Pollen Creative Media produced terrific and award-winning content in digital media, advertising, branded content, and broadcast for the broadcasters and different brands. Bridget was the Managing director. Bridget with other partners was highly experienced in the production of interactive, design, visual effects, animation, production, postproduction, live-action directing, and augmented reality. Bridget Scarr has also worked as Tv producer at Bite Animation and Primary Films.



At Colibri Studios, Bridget heads content development, strategy, and partnerships. She focuses on factual entertainment, lifestyle programming, and formats. Colibri utilizes in-depth research and tech-enabled strategic thinking to produce projects with compelling stories. Colibri creates engaging stories and collaborates with broadcasters and the global production partners. Bridget joined Colibri as a career shift. Colibri Studios handles development and creation of content such digital content, exhibition projects, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the traditional television projects.



Strategic partnerships, project planning, project execution, partnership marketing, events organization, marketing, and much more are additional skill set and experience for Bridget. While working on projects, Scarr utilizes technology to enable reality for users. She is excited in the usage of powerful technology in virtual reality in positive life-affirming ways, in education, in healing or granting a patient their last wish.



Bridget is a creative entrepreneur. She takes some time out to get inspiration and encourages creativity and leads to smarter ideas. Bridget believes magic is real and around us. Bridget loves the content of all forms. If not working on the television project, Bridget is working on novel or album.



As an entrepreneur and creative producer, Bridget recommends everyone to develop a habit of meditating. Additionally, Bridget encourages everyone not to give up despite failure in business. Bridget’s best business opportunity is wine. She outlines that no wine app that has been developed for the online store to deliver the best wine to your doorstep and a wine concierge for setting up best food or wine experience in the world. Technology creates new ways and provides the best life. Wine app encourages to share best wines in the world.


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