Lime Crime Looks At New Beauty Trends

Lime Crime is a leader in the beauty industry. The company was one of the first to go online and sell their products exclusively. Consequently, they are a beauty and makeup company that create trends. The company rarely follows trends of other makeup lines. Certainly, they are very unique in their approach to beauty, preferring the dramatic over the less than uninspiring looks. Leaf through any magazine and you will discover that some of the hottest beauty trends today are all about drama. For example, dramatic eyes are a growing trend that is here to stay. Here is Lime Crime’s look at new beauty trends.

Dramatic Eyeliner

Perhaps, it is time to change the way you look at your makeup. Most women jump on a certain makeup look and stick with it for months or even years. We’ve all seen the women that are approaching forty that are still rocking their high school makeup look. Perhaps, they still look good in the makeup, but the look is outdated. Now, is the time to update that look with a dramatic eye. A bold, and dramatic eye, will make a world of difference in your look. For example, the Liquid Quill Eyeliner that is produced by Lime Crime is available in jet black and is the perfect tool for creating the dramatic cat eye look that is so on trend.

Lime Crime’s New Palette

Anytime of the year, is the right time of the year to add a bit of drama to your eyes. For example, the Venus XL Eye-shadow Palette produced by Lime Crime. Certainly, there are a wide range of colors that will add vibrant color to your eyelids. The Venus XL collection includes a wonderful assortment of colors in shades ranging from rustic reds to beautiful bronzed neutrals that will bring out the goddess in you.