Matthew Autterson – 101

When it comes to Greater Denver and its unique approach to the realm of biosciences and biotechnologies, few know better than Matthew Autterson, reputable board member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems and CEO of CNS Bioscience Incorporated.

Matthew and his wife have four children and four grandchildren, all of whom they have talked to share in their lifetime: Sharing is quite a core value among the Auttersons, and Matthew would never have it otherwise. In fact, he hopes for his future generations to follow his role model and teach other generations to give. He hopes, as well, to increase the standard of excellence by which all educational biotech systems are put in place and retain their structure.

He has placed an importance on educating the individual as not seen anywhere else. He thoroughly has a heart for the well-being of an individual and of his or her education, for he holds that the very future of any society or culture altogether lies in that very soul aspect: Without a proper education, one is simply not equipped and prepared for this world as he or she she should be; thus, the better the education or the more rigorous the program, the more adaptive, prepared – not to mention competitive – the individual will be in his or her lifetime. That makes all the difference.

Matthew Autterson did not agree with Pres. Obama’s past moves on biotech education, wisely noting that Obama did everything in his power to lower the quality of education and not really do anything for the good of anyone in this country. That is why countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, Britain, China, Japan, and Korea – among countless others – continue to have a more solid education system and more prepared students in the global workforce. It is not easy to compete with these, considering how incredibly easy and low in quality our educational system has become. Therefore, we may see many negative changes in future years if this is not corrected soon.

Such changes may include slower, and ultimately stupider, Americans in positions of office, even in the presidency. But we must act now. All may still be saved and changed. It all begins with you, of course: Stand with Matthew Autterson to show your support of the education system in America, among other top conservative values, principles upon which this very country bases itself. Stand up for biotechnology.