Eric Lefkofsky – The Billionaire Cancer Fighter

When most people think of billionaires, they think of people involved in finance, technology or real estate investments. The names of Donald Trump and Bill Gates are often some of the first that come to mind when recognizing the exclusive billionaire club. mentions that Eric Lefkofsky is a name that many probably don’t know as a household name, however, many of his business creations are.

Eric Lefkofsky studied at the University of Michigan, where he eventually earned a Juris Doctor degree. However, his career post law school has not steered him into the courtroom. Instead, Lefkofsky is described as a business entrepreneur. He creates companies and runs them to be highly successful before moving on to the next great business need.

One such company is Tempus. It is a technology company that facilitates Doctors to give a more personalized experience to cancer patients. Tempus does this through its operating system that is not only interactive and analytical to Oncologists but also has the ability to learn. This gives Doctors the necessary tools to provide real-time, highly accurate data-driven decisions for their cancer patients.

More specifically, a patient will provide their Doctor and Tempus blood and tissue samples. Once received at a Tempus lab, the samples are examined for DNA and RNA sequencing. Within two weeks of receiving the samples Tempus researchers are able to identify gene mutations related to that patient’s cancer. Tempus then sends a report to the patient’s Doctor that includes the patient’s specific gene mutations. Obviously, this information alone allows the Doctor to formulate a plan tailored to their patient. However, Tempus goes one step further and includes in the report information from scientific manuals and relevant clinical trials.

So successful has Tempus become that it recently announced a partnership with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s Abramskn Cancer Center. Using its proprietary operating system, Tempus provides researchers at the university with sequencing and analysis of pancreatic and melanoma cancer patient tissue samples. This will allow university researchers and physicians to pick the best immunotherapy treatment to give it’s patients at Abramskn.

For Lefkofsky, being a household name billionaire isn’t his main motivation for his pursuits. As can be seen with the revolutionary work being done with Tempus, Lefkofsky is not only an innovator but also a humanitarian.

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Keep Russia in Check Against Ukraine

Do you want to know how you can wage war without shedding a single drop of blood? It’s easy. All you have to do is apply the right kind of economic pressure. Recently, one of the best ways to see this tactic in action is through the European Union. Knowing that a new Ukraine must be protected from Putin at all costs, the European Union introduced sanctions on oil. The Russian economy desperately needs oil pries to hover around $100 a barrel to prevent a massive debt crisis. Back in early 2015, oil prices were a little over half of that targeted amount. Economic sanctions against Russia help keep the price of oil for Russia at that lower amount. This cripples an increasingly thuggish Putin, and in turn, it helps keep a new Ukraine safe from Russian influence.

Unfortunately, these sanctions against Russia also have a drawback. As Russia attempts to balance its budget and keep the ruble from being annihilated by sanctions, the euro is threatened throughout the rest of Europe. The best way to counteract this necessary evil of sanctions against Russia is to provide assistance to Ukraine. Helping Ukraine will help stabilize the euro. This will help all of Europe in the long run. Russian aggression in Ukraine will be halted, and the euro will remain strong throughout all of Europe.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros, the noted businessman and philanthropist, has pointed out the critical need to help Ukraine and keep Russian aggression in check. George Soros wrote in 2015, “The birth of a new Ukraine and the Russian aggression are not merely temporary shocks but historic events. Instead of facing the remnants of a moribund Soviet Union, the European Union is confronted by a resurgent Russia that has turned from strategic partner into strategic rival. To replace communism, President Putin has developed a nationalist ideology based on ethnic grounds, social conservatism, and religious faith the brotherhood of the Slavic race, homophobia, and holy Russia. George Soros has cast what he calls Anglo-Saxon world domination as the enemy of Russia and of the rest of the world.” In other words, we are no longer dealing with a Russia from the past. This is a new dawn for Russia, and the rest of the world needs to be willing to do what it takes to keep Russia in check.

Meanwhile, Ukraine will need to make some changes at home. Thankfully, most of these changes can be done by the younger population. These young Ukrainians have democratic ideals and studied abroad. They will need to fight the old bureaucracy of Ukraine from within to help bring about lasting change. This can largely be done by reducing the bloated number of civil servants in Ukraine. The remaining civil servants can be paid more to reduce the temptation for them to take bribes. This will help begin a capitalist society that can rebuild Ukraine.

Citizens around the world should note what is occurring between Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. The prosperity of the world depends upon it.

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Advice for Dealing With Doxxing

Getting doxxed is a serious affair in our internet oriented life. We all have important information on the internet thanks to its prevalence in our day to day lives. Darius Fisher, the President of Status Labs — an online reputation management firm, has seen first hand how doxxing can hurt your life. Seeing your information in the hands of people who want to potentially do you harm can be quite terrifying. So in order to help people deal with doxxing incidents Fisher decided to put together some key pieces of advice for how to react in such tumultuous situations.

Most people don’t realize that doxxing can be quite serious if it isn’t taken care of immediately. A popular form of harassment when it comes to doxxing is to use people’s phone number or personal address to ‘SWAT them’ by calling in fake bomb threats. This harassment could turn deadly in the wrong situation. Darius Fisher, who has guided Status Labs to prosperity in recent years, knows that you need to be proactive in situations where your information may be compromised. Don’t overreact or lose your composure, but use these steadfast and measured actions to get back on track.

The first thing you need to do, according to Fisher, is document who is leaking your information and where they are doing it. If the leak takes on a more sinister turn you need to be ready to turn in these people to the authorities, including the FBI. Once you’ve made the appropriate documentation you need to start acting in a way that will prevent future leaks from happening.

According to an article from Huffington Post, Fisher believes that you need to take a long look at how your social media is set up. Making sure that your social media accounts are locked down is an integral step in preventing information from getting leaked. Go through your privacy settings and make sure everything is as highly rated as possible.

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