Rocketship Education; Transforming the Prosperity Odds for San Jose Children

Rocketship Education is a public charter school that was established in 2007 and currently operates nearly 25 schools in California. In the past, San Jose was the place where the American Dream was realized with low-income children having a great opportunity at prosperity just like their counterparts in Denmark and Canada. With time, the situation changed due to increased housing rates and unemployment altering the odds for children from low-income families. The charter school was founded with efforts to ensure San Jose’s children from less privileged homes accessed quality education to make their way to college.

Since its founding, Rocketship has partnered with community establishments, teachers, and parents in ensuring only the best services for the children. The charter school has gained much national recognition for its initial test scores as well as a blended-learning method that incorporated traditional teaching with an online and computerized approach.

In 2013, the D.C Public Charter School Board granted Rocketship the mandate to launch eight other schools in the District with the one at Ward 8 being the first and was located opposite Woodland Terrace.According to Jacque Patterson, who is the Regional Director of the charter school, Rocketship Education wanted to operate as a neighborhood school as opposed to a District charter accepting all applications from any D.C kid from the Ward 8 neighborhood. Furthermore, she revealed that over 40% of the requests were from families residing in the Woodland Terrace housing complex. In the 2016-2017 school years, Rocketship Education passed over 350 children in kindergarten through to second grade.

Another great thing about the D.C Public Charter school is that parents assist in interviewing and hiring educators before the onset of classes, unlike in other schools where parents get to meet their children teacher on the first day of school. The interviewing process is conducted by a group of parents who may either sway the decision to hire or reject the educators. Furthermore, the parents take the interviewing job seriously by close examination of each of the applicant to ensure their kids get nothing but the best.

During a recent interview with Education Week, Preston Smith, the CEO, and Co-founder of the Charter School clarified that parent participation was a significant part of the chain that began in 2007 in San Jose, California.