Waiakea Water takes care of safety needs in bottled water

Water is one of the main resources that are of great importance for supporting life. There is nothing that can exist without consuming water. Water plays an important role in hydrating the body. When the body stays hydrated, it can function in the right manner and be productive. Water is such an essential element that even medical officers recommend that human beings should drink about six-eight glasses of water every day. Human life needs to be supported by safe water. Even if it is about drinking water, it does not mean that one can drink water that is not safe. The best water for consumption is one that can be verified about is safety.

One of the behaviors that many of us have is drinking water direct from the tap. When we do some of these things, we fail to recognize is that there are serious health challenges that we might force ourselves into. When we take water directly from the taps, we are risking our lives. We should avoid doing such things because we need to be sure about our health. Taking bottled water is al alternative nut the biggest problem is posed by failure to look at the choice of bottled water that we take. Some brands are nothing more than bottled water that is tapped directly from the running water in our homes.

About Waiakea Water

If you are looking for an opportunity to deliver to your customers, one of the best things that you can do is to ensure that the customer is well aware of the source of your product. Waiakea water is a company that has made it possible for customers to verify the source of the water they are selling. When getting water from this company, you do not have to worry about what will happen to you in case there are some challenges. They have made clear that their water is Hawaiian Volcanic Water and it is tapped from the Muna Loa Volcano, the volcanic rock naturally filters the water as it comes down the mountain. It also contains some significant minerals.


OSI Group Continues To Blaze An Impressive Expansion Trail

The past five years have been an extremely busy time for the global food distribution company OSI Group. The company has been using that time to focus on massive expansions of both its domestic and foreign operations. The company’s long-serving CEO Sheldon Lavin was the main man behind the initial expansion of the company and he continues to lead that charge today. This is evidenced by a handful of recent moves that OSI Group has made that promise to increase the firm’s overall global reach by a great deal. Expansion in OSI Group’s home area of Chicago is one of the most notable recent moves the firm has made on its domestic front. The two hundred thousand square foot former Tyson food processing plant is now under OSI operation.

OSI has also expanded the plants capacity to process more than just poultry products. European expansion has also been chief among the goals at OSI Group these last five or so years. Those expansion activities have included the acquisitions of Flagship Europe, a UK company that is known for distributing poultry products, sauces and pies. That same year, OSI also gained control of the Dutch food business Baho Food. OSI’s Spanish expansion efforts have also been quite notable. The biggest activity in this regard has been massive upgrades to the processing facility the company has in Toledo, Spain.

The upgrades done at this facility have doubled the output of chicken products in a region where this increase was greatly needed. There has been a constant increase in the demand for poultry in Spain as well as Portugal over the last five years. These are the areas that the Toledo facility serves. All of these moves are a telling sign of why OSI Group is so successful today. The company is one of the worlds most well-regarded suppliers of customized food solutions to the food service sector. As of 2018 the company is operating in seventeen different countries and has a total of 65 processing facilities. The success is a huge testament to the dedication of Sheldon Lavin and his team at OSI.

Cancer Treatment of America’s New Endeavor

The prestigious and prominent Cancer Treatment Centers of America is changing the game once again. This is one of the most progressive-thinking organizations in cancer research. This fine institution has been around for 30 years, and at its current production-rate, it will definitely be around for another 30 years. Customized-care is the name of the game and no other cancer-related organization is doing it better. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has set the precedent in this demanding field of work, but it has partnered with WebMD for an all-new endeavor. lets take a closer look below.

By partnering with WebMD, cancer patients will be able to receive real-time information and prompt services for their issues. When it comes to dealing with cancer or for dealing with any type of disease, time is of the essence. There will be an interactive platform that is designed for cancer patients. Patients and their loved-ones can find updated material and information on a wide array of issues such as immunotherapy, diagnosis, chemotherapy, personalized-customer care, radiation, chemotherapy and many others. You won’t find another interactive platform that has this much clout, and it’s easy to use. By combining WebMD’s encyclopedia of health information, cancer patients will be able to receive supportive-care for the issues of fatigue, pain management, nausea and side effects. It doesn’t get any better than this. This program has been put together by clinical staff members within the industry. If you ever have a question, the platform is designed with the cancer patient in mind. The only thing that the patient has to do is to enter his or her diagnosis.

Suffering will be a thing of the past. Prompt service is one of the keys to success. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a revolutionary in a sense. This new contemporary era of cancer research is constantly changing. This organization treats cancer and nothing else. The clinical staff is dedicated to serving its patients. If you have any doubt about what’s being said, just ask questions. You’ll find out the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the real deal thanks to its high-success rate.

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Life Line Screening Offers Advance Bone Density Test

Life Line Screening is now offering a state-of-the-art Bone Density Screening. This test is incredibly simple and totally painless. Life Line Screening offers a variety of these non-invasive screenings. The goal is to check for specific potential health issues that you may be at risk for. The company also offers packages that screen for a large variety of potential issues. The professional staff at Life Line Screening will provide you with comprehensive results that are deeper than you would receive from a traditional physician. Then, together with your doctor, you can develop more targeted approach to treating any issues or risk factors.

Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Test

As we get older, it is not secret that bone loss can become a major issue. Many people are at risk for Osteoporosis.

It is always better to try to catch Osteoporosis early on. For that reason, Life Line Screening offers a bone density test that will utilize non-invasive ultrasound to check for Osteoporosis risk. Osteoporosis screenings should be conducted annually, especially for anyone who has certain risk factors. Risk factors include: being a postmenopausal woman, heavy smoking or alcohol consumption, a diet that lacks calcium, or having a very thin physique.

What is Bone Loss?

Bone loss is often a tricky term, because it doesn’t mean you lose a full bone. As we age, bone tissue is often lost faster than our bodies can create new bone tissue. People are especially susceptible to this as they age and if they have certain diet issues such as smoking, calcium deficiency, or excessive alcohol use. If you are over the age of 55, it is likely a good idea to start thinking about potential bone loss issues. These could sneak up on you later in life and cause mobility issues that can keep you from doing things you love.

Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Scans are a way to determine not only if you have bone density issues that can lead to Osteoporosis, but to learn exactly how serious it is. This will help you to come up with a more holistic treatment plan with your physician to manage bone loss.

What to Do to Prepare for Your Bone Density Screening

Like most Life Line Screenings, there is little to no preparation required. All you need to remember is to not wear pantyhose or tights. You will need to remove your socks and shoes for the screening, so come prepared wearing shoes you are comfortable removing.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Working Side By Side For Prostate Cancer Understanding

Striving to boost awareness of prostate cancer, a trio comprising the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA) and LabCorp have pooled their resources to both educate men and make screenings available to them.

From September 1 through October 15, 2,000 eligible men have access to a free prostate screening by LabCorp at any of its locations. The screenings were funded by the CTCA and NFLA. Men who miss that opening may schedule a screening at the price of $25 and the screening can take place any time within six months of the sign-up date.

The American Cancer Society, which predicts one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostrate cancer, estimates there will be more than 160,000 new diagnosis this year.

Screenings are recommended for any man in a high-risk segment of the population such as family history and race. Prostrate cancer is most prevalent among African American men who have more than a 70 percent higher probability of acquiring prostate cancer.

Former NFL head coaches Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher participated in the campaign launch which took place in August at the national kick-off press conference in New Jersey. Additional campaign launches occurred in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa.

Sean Cavanaugh, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology at CTCA’s Southeastern Regional Medical Center commented in a PR Newswire statement (prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-national-football-league-alumni-association-cancer-treatment-centers-of-america-and-labcorp-team-up-to-offer-prostrate-cancer-screenings-starting-in-september-300511182.html) that screening is the primary prevention against prostrate cancer.

Recognized for its one of a kind approach to treating cancer, CTCA is a for-profit network of five hospitals that treats patients worldwide through its cancer centers in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

CTCA’s viewpoint, which includes a personalized care plan, is based on the belief that no two patients are alike and each person needs to be helped not just the cancer they have.

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