Jose Neto; Scaling The Heights Of Real Estate In Brazil

Jose Neto; Scaling the Heights of Real Estate in Brazil

Being a natural progression meant for multiple experienced investors, commercial real estate is a path that most people take with the intention of diversifying their real estate ventures. This type of investment is not only good for business but essential in purchasing properties as well as leasing most units to property buyers as it offers a vast combination of steady cash flow as well as vacancy risks that come with higher income potential. With that said, one individual that comes in mind when we speak of successful real estate businesses is Jose Neto, an individual who has worked for JHSF for more than ten years. Neto has been able to help JHSF in portfolio diversification for quite some time.


JHSF is one of Brazil’s leading real estate companies. It is well known for prioritizing recurrent income assets encompassing shopping malls, hotels, airports as well as other real estate projects in different industries. Besides, the firm operates in Brazil’s real estate market and other state like the United States of America as well as Uruguay. From the time it was formed, JHSF has vastly developed over 6 million square meters of major real estate projects including a market value of about R $ 1.20 billion.

The Leadership of the Company

JHSF’a leadership rests in the hands of Jose Auriemo Neto who is the executive chairman. His roles in the company include overseeing the general management alongside working with like-minded individuals to venture into different projects that will end up building the company. In the long run, Jose Neto has been able to lead in the initiation of different projects including the opening of office buildings and shopping malls in Brazil’s ever competitive industry of real estate. As of now, Neto is prominent for overseeing the development of different shopping malls within Brazil’s retail industry.

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Sam Boraie: A Man Who Makes a Difference

Sam Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. has been a pillar of the New Brunswick community. From Philanthropic works to many urban development projects in greater New Jersey, it’s safe to say Mr. Boraie is a man who wants to make the world a much better place for the people living in it. Let’s talk a little more about the man behind it all. Sam Boraie is the second son of founder and CEO of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie emigrated to the United States from Egypt four decades ago. Mr. Boraie Sr. earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry before founding Boraie Development in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Boraie children followed in their father’s footsteps and are directly involved in the company by serving as vice presidents of development for their family’s business.

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development has created a trend of breathing life into every community it starts development projects in. From building 190 lower in condos and townhomes to be sold for much less than market value to provide housing to those in need to helping change the neighborhoods surrounding their projects flourish; It’s clear Mr. Boraie is a man who cares. See:

Other notable projects Mr. Boraie have been involved in include the complete planning, recreation, and development of Atlantic City’s entire Tourism District in 2011. This project has been a godsend to Atlantic City; by building housing and retail establishments in areas of the city that aren’t quite what they use to be. Good things come to the areas where Mr. Boraie and Boraie Development get involved.

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Sam Boraie’s devotion to making the world a better place doesn’t stop with at his business dealings. Mr. Boraie is heavily involved with many charities, including serving on the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise, a nonprofit organization which provides culinary arts training to hundreds of students then provides them with jobs. Elijah’s Promise offers thousands of healthy meals for local children and senior citizens by working with New Brunswick’s Meals on Wheels’ program. Sam Boraie is also on the Board of Trustees for the historic State Theater in New Brunswick. Some notable contributions Mr. Boraie provided to the State Theater include sponsoring free summer movie series which include films like Frozen, E.T. Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monster University, and Aladdin at no cost to summer camps of families to attend.

As you can see, Sam Boraie and Boraie Development are clearly determined to make the world a beautiful and brighter place. By being involved in many development projects throughout New Jersey, cities like Atlantic City get a second chance by having new industries and much-needed stimulation of local economies. Also, the philanthropic actions of this amazing family and business gives children a safe place to enjoy their favorite movies, provides healthy meals to local children and senior citizens, and gives local youth an opportunity for amazing careers by providing specialized, culinary arts training. I’m so glad the world has men like Sam Boraie, determined to make the world a better place in everything they do.

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Town Residential Cements Its Position In NYC

Within a short time, Town Residential has managed to build a strong position for itself in New York City as luxury real estate firm. It is a company renowned for seamless execution when it comes to customer service. It has an elite team of real estate representatives who offer customers an exhilarating vision of the glamorous life style they should be living. Town Residential is an essential part of New York City due to its amazing executive team led by CEO Andrew Heiberger. He is a business leader within the West Side of New York. Many business professionals come to him for wisdom and strive to follow his example. He has been decorated with awards such as, “Entrepreneur of the Year”, and he has made the list of most successful people under 40 within the real estate industry. Town Residential is known as one of the best places to work within New York City because of the amazing company culture.


It is the amazing energy of its executive staff and unique company culture that has allowed Town Residential to extend into the meatpacking district with its 10th office. The company’s clients can how experience its unprecedented customer service and industry expertise at a location right along the Hudson River in front of High Line Park. This location is perfect because it allows for convenient access to all prospective buyers who are present in the West Side of New York City. The new office is 7,000 Square meters and has a 16 foot ceiling. Town Residential has rented the entire 2nd floor at a price of $90 per square meter. It chose to sign a 15 year contract for the space because it knows it will thrive in that location for years to come. There is also a private roof deck where clients of Town Residential can get a glimpse of a luxury lifestyle.


This new office space not only attracts clients, it also attracts key strategic partners into Town Residential’s sphere of influence. Thomas & Ingram is one company that has decided to operate itself under Town Residential’s umbrella. Their staff have moved into the glamorous new office where they will contribute expertise on New York’s West Village to the company. Employees from other Town Residential offices have also been eager transfer into the newer property. They want to experience the glory of closing deals on the 7,000 square meter roof deck. Andrew Heiberger and his elite team are in an increasingly strong position in the West Side market of New York City. Through key strategic partnerships Town Residential is expected to continue to succeed at presenting clients with a vision of luxury living that can be theirs for a price.


The Real Estate Company Cornering the Market

Recently, an article was published detailing the massive success of a relatively new real estate company in New York. TOWN Residential opened its 10th office outpost in the meatpacking district in Manhattan. This will give this up and coming real estate business access to the Hudson River which represents a unique client base that the company did not have access to. This gives the real estate company the opportunity to hire new real estate agents and analysts, creating new jobs and adding an additional dimension to the company.


This new office is located on West 14th street and is 7100 square feet. It has 16 foot high ceilings and a third floor roof. This exemplifies the unique work environment needed to attract the best and brightest talent. The TOWN Residential leadership knows that work culture is essential in promoting the best and brightest ideas from its employees. Furthermore, the high ceilings and beautiful sights off of the third floor roof are a perfect place for work meetings. The prime real estate and location of the office shows that TOWN Residential knows what top end real estate entails, no doubt impressing clients. People will flock to this unique office setting for the latest information on real estate as they look for the perfect location for their home and office.


While TOWN Residential is only five years old, it has undoubtedly cornered the New York real estate market. Relying on the best and brightest talent, TOWN Residential combines a unique mix of veteran and experienced leadership with youthful talent fresh out of school to inject some new and cutting edge ideas into the company. This combination means that the latest and greatest information is shared with the customer while this unparalleled knowledge and experience ensures that the ideas are carried out to perfection.


TOWN Residential has developed an impressive track record in the New York luxury real estate market. Excelling in marketing, sales, and real estate analysis, TOWN earned numerous accolades such as Best Firm to Work For in New York City and has been listed as a Top 50 Employer in New York City. TOWN Residential knows that New York City is the most challenging real estate market on Earth. That’s why they employ only the most qualified professionals in the real estate industry. Without a doubt, the cornerstone of TOWN Residential is its unsurpassed customer service that places their needs at the forefront of their mission.