Eric Lefkofsky’s Successes As A Philanthropy

Most people know Eric Lefkofsky as the co-founder of Tempus, but they do not see that he is philanthropy. The main aim of Lefkofsky Family Foundation is to advance initiatives, research and bring some programs to improve human life. He began his career while he was at the University of Michigan where he sold carpeting.

After graduating from a law school, Eric together with a business partner bought Brandon Apparel. He started his business, which involved buying, and selling companies but was still a philanthropist. Eric’s’ mother founded the American Brain Tumor Association.

Eric Lefkofsky is supporting many educational programs in Chicago. They include plans for the disadvantaged youths, scholarship programs and charter schools. He comes up with tools to help teachers through groups like the New Leaders and Educators for Excellence.

The teachers can serve the urban schools by training finances because of Money thinking. He gave some donations to the University of Michigan where he is an alumnus together with some universities from Chicago.

One of his most significant philanthropic accomplishments is cancer. He was involved in funding the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, ABTA and Damon Runyon. All medical centers in Chicago have received Eric’s support for the kids. He is also known for supporting research on lung cancer, leukemia, and typhoid cancer treatment. He has given some donations to organizations, which are focused on cardiovascular disease, cystic fibrosis, celiac illnesses, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, food allergies, brain tumors, and Lupus.

Eric contributed to the MD Anderson Cancer Center that is found at the University of Texas in the year 2015. He aims at finding cures to diseases, and because of this, Eric is mainly focused on medical discoveries.

Eric Lefkofsky understands that the medical system is impoverished and he aims at helping patients who are fighting diseases. However, his philanthropy has significantly changed most people’s lives.

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