Todd Levine: The Renowned Attorney

Todd Levine is a highly inspired and skillful attorney as well as a commercial lawyer who has specialized in taking legal actions against people and organizations. He was among the founder members of Kluger Kaplan. Todd Levine finds fresh ways to include in his creativity and well-organized expertise in his master plan. Having a substantial interest in the commercial real estate litigation, Todd Levine often symbolizes real buyers and sellers and the lending institutions. He directly participated in the financial arrangements and the investment partnerships.




Having dealt with antagonisms with the entertainment and sports arena, Todd Levine acquires new methods to use in his investigative mindset to find a distinctive approach for each of his clients. This can mean distancing one piece of proof or by stimulating a disagreement that might give coherence to what might otherwise be a complicated rivalry. By doing this, attorney Todd Levine obtains reliable feedback that he offers to his clients in return.




Being a member of the America Inns of Court, the Florida bar Grievance committee, Todd Levine has been spoken of in publications such as Business Edition and the Florida Trend Magazine for the significant accomplishments. He featured in the US news and the world report as one of the best litigation lawyers in America. In an interview, the attorney said that his familiarity in litigation was brought about by his natural ability to simplify the compound business disputes to his clients.




The attorney further said that his schedule and breakdown of the day differs depending on the nature of his clients. Therefore, Todd ensures that he has up to date information relating to what his clients deserve. He wisely utilizes his time to benefit his clients, their cases and to be on top of all topics.


The Academy of Art University Fashion Students Conservative Creations

The Academy of Art University is a college in San Francisco built by artists that is devoted to educating and blossoming the next generation of young budding artists. A painter and magazine editor, Richard Stephens, originally created the for-profit art school to advertise art. The school was passed down to Richard’s daughter, Elisa Stephens, who increased enrollment and expanded the curriculum into fashion, interior architecture, communication and design. It is now the largest accredited private art and design university in the nation offering associates degrees, bachelor degrees and master degrees in twenty-five different subjects on campus and online. The school is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.


The Academy of Art University School of Fashion students have blossomed into successful designers, showcasing their clothing creations on the catwalk of New York fashion week since 2005. This year, five womenswear and two menswear collections were presented. The Asian artists used vinyl, PVC and homemade fabrics to craft pieces in deep blue, silver and ghost white. The American artists used layered fabrics of varying thickness with contrasting lines, such as an extra-long button up white shirtdress underlying an off-white quilted burka. The outfits conveyed a feeling of transition, using soft, thick materials that evoked warmth and comfort. Each design left much to the imagination, as every inch of skin was covered with suiting fabric with contemporary, layered additions. Many styles had hand-knit embroidery, extra-thick cashmere knits and floor-length flowing silks. Some artists covered the models legs in white PVC leggings with matching plain Birkenstocks. Other shoes showcased were simple platform black wedges for women and black boots for men.


Multiple Academy of Art students were selected for the Fashion Future Graduate Showcase, which helps support talented designers as they transition from education to career development as well as connects them with professional opportunities.


Every business entity is involved in various financial transactions that could be sales, investments, lending, and borrowing. It creates a demand for different financial services and as such is Double Rock Corporation which is a successful financial technology firm specializing in cash – related solutions to banks and innovative cash management, dealers, qualified plans and the retail market. Bruce Bent II is an alumnus of Northeastern University where he pursued Bachelor of Science (Philosophy) and graduated in 1991.

Has been instrumental in the success of Double Rock Corporation where he has worked since 1991. Currently, he is the vice chairman and president of the corporation. Over the years the Double Rock Corporation has grown to wholly own various subsidiaries and affiliates such as; Access Control Advantage Inc, Landing Rock Group LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, LIDs Capital LLC and Intrasweep LLC. Bent acts as a senior executive in each of these subsidiaries. The Island Intellectual Property LLC specializes in patent licensing in the financial industry and has over 60 privately held patents.

As a successful and proven manager, Bent oversaw the tremendous growth and expansion of The Reserve which is a market mutual fund. He oversaw orderly liquidation and sale of some of the firms’ affiliates and divisions following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in the financial crisis of 2008. Some of the companies’ subsidiaries were voluntarily shut down by the management with investors in the Reserve Primary Fund receiving 99% on the dollar for their original investments and a 100% on the dollar for other investments.

Due to Bents massive success in the financial services industry, he has been quoted in several publications namely; the Financial Times, Wall Street and New York Times among others. He also featured in the book, Leadership Secrets of the World Most Successful CEOs and previous he was an investment columnist with China Press and World Journal publications.

Bruce Bent II has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial entities including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, health care financing, business consulting, financial technologies, intellectual property and asset management. Bent is a part of various organizations namely the Young Presidents’ Organization, a board 99 Jane Street Condominium Association, Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and has worked on the President’s consultative Council of Scenic Hudson.

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The changes that End Citizens United has in the Pipeline for the Country

One of the things that we as Americans like boasting about is the leaders of the free world. While there are many strides we have made to deserve this title, there are still issues with our current constitution which need to keep getting adjusted as we progress in our Democratic journey. At times, legislation created with the hope of making the lives of the ordinary citizen better end up causing more harm than good, especially if they have loopholes in them.


This situation seems to be what happened when the End Citizens United legislation was effected in 2010. The dream was to have the people come together and support the candidates who would bring about reforms, and Super PACs were created for this purpose. However, the same groups have become the loophole for everyone who wants to introduce dirty money into the campaigns and sway them in their favor; which is the issue that End Citizens United PAC is looking for ways of rectifying.


There are many strides that the group has taken towards making changes in the sector. They had started their advocacy before the concluded election campaigns kicked off. When they were getting started, they only had $2million to fund the candidates who believed in the same values as them. However, through grassroots contributions, they had managed to gather over $30 million by the end of the cycle. All this money went into the support of the Democratic Party candidates who were interested in their agenda.


The elections came and went, and the current president was sworn into office. But the repercussions of the decision that was made in 2010 still linger. The group has therefore decided that they will not stop their journey to wait for the midterms. They have been filing some petitions at the Supreme Court, all aimed at getting the changes they envision for the group made. The last filing they did was in February this year. For their petition to be successful, they are needed to have at least a million signatures. So far, they have collected 300,000 and are hoping to get more. They have liaised with the “Ready for Hilary’ movement which has close to four million members and is hoping this will increase the number of signatures they need.


Some critics think that going for an amendment to the constitution is a lot for the PAC. However, Richard Carbo claims that there is nothing wrong with their initiative. He adds that it is those people who are crazy enough to imagine they can change the world that eventually does it. The one thing that is sure about this group is that they are headed places with their initiatives.