Venture Capitalist William Saito Shares Some Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Venture capitalist William Saito is considered by many to be one of the most influential people in Japan. Saito started programming software while he was still a child. Saito eventually developed a reputation as one of the World’s top analysts on issues such as cyber security and encryption. Saito eventually moved to Tokyo and founded a venture capital firm that assists entrepreneurs while developing global talent around the World. In addition to running his firm, Saito also served as The Chief Technology Officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission.


Saito is also a Board Member at The World Economic Forum. Saito is an adviser to several national governments throughout the World. Saito also teaches at different universities while also writing weekly newspaper columns. Saito regularly appears in TV segments.


William Saito has helped open more than 20 businesses. Saito’s experience is an asset to people who are interested in becoming investors and entrepreneurs. Saito says that he uses design thinking to help create concepts.


William Saito advises aspiring entrepreneurs to have persistence. Everyone makes mistakes. However, you have to keep working. Never stop working hard. It’s important to learn from your failures and use them to move forward. Saito believes that failure provides an opportunity for people to learn and grow.


Saito wants aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on providing a service that will allow them to retain customers. William Saito uses various types of software, including SalesForce and Office 265. Looking ahead, Saito believes that the World will continue to go mobile. Saito thinks that businesses that emphasize going mobile will increase the strength of their brand around the World.


Businesses that use information security and cyber security have an advantage over their peers. Saito also wants entrepreneurs to pay attention to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the rise of blockchain over the next few years.