Alex Pall Talks About The Chainsmokers Getting Together

The Chainsmokers have been a household name when it comes to EDM-pop ever since the release of their hit #Selfie in 2014. Despite being around for a long period of time, the duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart continue to remain successful, releasing a number of successful singles, 3 EPs, and a full length album which was released in 2017 entitled “Memories…Do Not Open”.

Back when the single “Closer” featuring Halsey was released (which ended up being the duo’s most successful track), the two talked about how The Chainsmokers got started and what they were looking to achieve. Pall noted that DJing was a hobby for him as he was growing up, and he started building a career for himself in New York City, but still considered it to be simply side work that he was passionate about. He points out that it was scary being in the city and pursuing something which felt more like he was having fun than an actual job. However, he realized that music was starting to consume his life and wanted to give his career a proper shot.

Both Taggart and Pall were working with the same manager, who introduced the two. Upon meeting, Taggart moved from Maine and Pall quit his job in order to dedicate their time to what would soon become The Chainsmokers. Initially the two talked about their musical preference and understood what they were bringing to the table, and then the discussion shifted to how ambitious and driven were about music and wanting to be successful. Pall notes that both of them were observant about what was happening in the music industry and what were the things that worked and what didn’t.

The two started working on their music and on creating their identity as artists, Pall pointing out that they had a schedule from 9 AM to 7 PM every day. While they did not want to treat it like a job, the two were aware that they had a lot to learn and there was a lot of ground to cover. He also acknowledges that people relate to their music on a deeper level, and that moving forward they want it to be the case more and more.