Dr. Carlos The Illustrious Automotive Industry CEO in Brazil

Dr. Carlos sits behind the success of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a heavyweight manufacturing industry in Brazil. His extensive expertise has granted him a chance of receiving an attribute at the ‘Car of the year’ award, the 52nd, which is a giant conglomerate of sales and production of cars of Brazil.

The event that elevated Dr. Carlos was held on November 26 at night and ‘Executive of the year 2019’ is the title category of the award. A famous specialized magazine called AutoEsporte from Editora Globa organizes as well as offers the award.

Dr. Carlos choice as the managing executive of 2019 is almost giving an end to a striking and an intense year for the automotive industry. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade announced last year the technical commercial and cooperation agreement with Chery; it enabled the creation of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Chery, which is a national assembly plant, new 100%.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Chery recorded great sales growth in its first year of establishment leading it to hold the 15th position from the 20th position; the ranking is done by brands in the country with a huge expectation of advancement and development with the new products’ launching. This year, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Chery presented their first model, Tiggo 2, just after the new brand’s sales success was announced. During the International Motor show held in Sao Paulo, they exhibited numerous electric and hybrid models, and Tiggo 8 was presented.

Dr. Carlos was extremely honored to receive the award as it proves to him that his industry is heading forward. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade industry has put on a lot of commitment to translate its dream of launching new car brands into an unimaginable reality. The national automaker under Dr. Carlos name is now a heavyweight in Brazil; it has surpassed nearly a million mark of commercialized vehicles.

Today, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Industry is present in almost all Brazil’s regions proving its undeniable growth. Dr. Carlos and his team are still working to build and strengthen its old relationships in order to make Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade the giant vehicle production and distribution conglomerate.

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