Fabletics – Successful Athleisure Brand with Huge Collection of Designer Fitness Clothing for Women

Fabletics is a brand that is well-known in the athleisure category. The company started in the year 2013, and in the span of fewer than five years, it has managed to give big companies like Amazon a good shake from their stable business. Fabletics has managed to reach an annual turnover of over $250 million, and with the growth rate of close to forty percent, that figure is going to increase in the time to come. It is a worrying factor for large enterprises like Amazon who holds the market share of over 20 percent in the fashion retail business.


Fabletics is one of the brands that are managed by its parent company, Techstyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The popularity of Kate Hudson as a Hollywood actress has helped push the brand to its zenith regarding marketing, which helped Fabletics get tons of business as it started. The success of Fabletics can also be attributed to its hugely successful subscription business model, which has been able to garner over 1.2 million subscribers from over eight countries since the brand started its operation. As per the reports, Fabletics is growing at the pace of over thirty percent annually.


The VIP members of Fabletics get an e-mail each month in the first week, where they have showcased a selection of athleisure products that suit their taste, style, and preference. The company offers a personalized collection to each and every member, which helps in ensuring that the members get what they are looking for. One other reason for brand’s huge success in the fashion retail business is the focus of Fabletics on affordability. Fabletics, from the very beginning, wanted to be a brand that would ensure that the customers from all walks of life can afford their products. The prices of the company’s products are kept reasonable, and women can buy high-quality products from Fabletics at the cost that is a fraction of what other counterparts charge in the market.


Fabletics also followed the reverse showroom technique successfully to keep their growth momentum. It means that the brand focused on opening physical stores only after winning the heart of its target audience online and managing to push annual revenue to the substantial position. Women who want to experience what Fabletics has to offer must take the lifestyle quiz on the company’s site to know firsthand how Fabletics personalizes the shopping experience for its customers.

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