How Nicolas Krafft, Vice President Of Global Business Development Maintains Ethics At Workplace

As L’Oreal engages in its day-to-day activities, the employees ensure that they are ethical always. With the help of the senior vice president, the Vice president of Global Business development at L’Oreal Nicolas Krafft organizes Ethics Day now and then to help in the company’s mission of maintaining high ethical standards.

The L’Oreal leaders feel that maintaining good moral values is significant for the company’s future development. These leaders support that solving the problem when it occurs is not the solution. Nevertheless, upholding the company’s principles help the company to achieve its goals.

These four principles include;

• Respect

• Transparency

• Integrity

• Courage

These values are vital in L’Oreal as they are designed to guide the company’s employees whenever they are working. For this reason, the management of L’Oreal including Nicolas Krafft holds Ethics Day for the Group’s employees to discuss different issues that can affect the company’s ethical standards and productivity at work.

Importance of holding Ethics Day in L’Oreal

L’Oreal holds Ethics Day for its employees and staff members annually. Krafft and other enterprise’s management communicate with their workers and staff through live web chat. During the discussion, employees ask a wide range of questions concerning their performance at workplace. The issues are directed to the company’s CEO, Chairman or the Vice President, Nicolas Krafft.

In this way, the L’Oreal’s staff can demonstrate their togetherness at work and their commitment. Actually, the main idea behind this Ethics Day dialogue is to ensure the togetherness of employees as well as motivate them to start constructive enterprises. There was the recent Dialogue day held in 2018 and thousands of employees participated in the discussion internationally.

In the conversation, all work-related questions are answered by Krafft and the team, and they encourage their employees to maintain ethical standards at work.

How Ethics Day helps promote moral values

During the discussion, the L’Oreal leaders help the workers to understand the value of maintaining ethical standards at work. They have designed e-learning programs and websites about the proper ethics at work and how the appropriate behavior at work boost good working relationship and production.

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