Igor Cornelsen: Bainbridge Investments Founder and Long-Time Banking Industry Professional

If you are an investment banking enthusiast, then you may wish to learn more about Igor Cornelsen. Originally from Brazil, this individual has done quite well for himself in the world of investment banking, and he has had great longevity in this sector. Before his career, though, he studied hard while he was a student of Federal University, and he had an interest in both engineering as well as economics. 1971 is when he finally graduated with his degree and set out to make something of himself in the ever-competitive banking industry, where he would become a CEO as well as a founder later in his career.

When looking for work in his chosen industry of banking, Multibanco was where he ended up right out of university. Within only a few years, he managed to find a place on Multibanco’s board of directors, and, in 1976, he earned the most sought-after promotion of all. He became the brand new CEO! 1978 saw Multibanco get purchased by one of the most well-known names in the industry, Bank of America. It became clear at this point that it would be very advantageous for Igor Cornelsen to seek out new opportunities and greener pastures.

This is exactly what he did in 1985. Libra Bank PLC had an opening, and it seemed like a good fit for him. He worked there for many happy years before moving over to a place called Standard Merchant Bank and once again making his voice heard on a board of directors. This came to an end, though, when he made the bold decision, in 1995, to bring his vision into reality. This was when he started up Bainbridge Investments, which was Igor’s own firm. He currently is a well-respected name banking, though he no longer works there because he is now retired.

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