Major Contributions made by Infinity Group Australia in Addressing the Debt Burden in Australia

The Infinity Group Australia group can be cited as having been on the leading front in equipping Australians with skills and strategies to reduce the debt levels. The group was created in 2013 by financial experts Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. The two individuals can be defined as having great commitment and passion for helping homeowners deal with the rising debts levels. They hold the view that many of the homeowners received unsustainable deals from the lenders. The poor terms of the debts imply that there are only able to clear the interest rates while the principal amounts remain the same.




The Australian Financial Review defines Infinity Group Australia as being the most innovative organization in the region. It has come up with many financial models that have aided in debt reductions. The group offers coaching services in personal finance management, investments and wealth accumulation. By following the stipulated strategies, the group holds that debtors can clear the loans within a short period. Graeme Holm helped many people sustainably repay their loans. In the past, debtors paid large loans as compared to the values of the homes while others lost their homes. However, the pattern has changed as many debtors have been able to clear their debts on time.




Background Information on the Founders of Infinity Group Australia




The Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 with the objective of offering debt management and financial services. One of the founders is Graeme Holm who has vast experience in banking, investment and wealth accumulation. Holm was born and brought up in South Coast of South Wales. From an early age, he exhibited a great passion for sports and played for the local football league. However, he was injured and forced out of the sporting activities. He later channeled his skills and energy to studying different areas of finance.




On the other hand, Rebecca Walker has worked in different organizations and government agencies. She has worked with Medicare where she developed different payment systems. Not only is she experienced, but she also has extensive links with professionals. She has employed the skills in employing user-friendly models that boost the saving levels. Both Holm and Rubbia shares similar values and objectives. Based on the Infinity Group Australia reviews, the activities of the group are based on the desire to empower the Australian and ensure that they have attained an improved quality of life. They have achieved these objectives by improving financial management. Learn more:


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