Malcom CasSelle -Entrepenuer Career Start Up Trend Setter with Wax and OPSkins

Malcolm CasSelle has had an exciting career in entrepreneur start up companies. He got his experience starting with a good education at MIT and Stanford University in computer science. Then he was co-founder of PCCW, a telecom company in Hong Kong. He helped PCCW raise billions for its publicly traded company.

Malcolm has led and been involved in quite a few other successful start up companies such as Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China, Media Pass – a digital subscription for major media companies, and Xfire, a large gamer network. An avid investor in start ups as well, Malcom CasSelle has invested in some famous start ups such as Facebook and Zynga. He has also invested in block chain technology and big data. Before starting Wax and OPSkins, Malcom was busy being president and CTO at tronc, running the show by leveraging digital assets and rapid growth properties within the company. Being tri-lingual in English, Japanese and Mandarin has been a plus in his career and a testament to his global reach and thinking.

Malcom CasSelle gives credit to his success by his daily routine. He spends time every morning being spiritual with some Qi gong meditation, then a workout or yoga, followed by a protein shake or green juice. His biggest asset is managing time. In the mornings at work he schedules meetings for problem solving and planning and communicating. Afternoons are set aside for creative time, brainstorming the big ideas and checking emails. Then any meetings with partners outside the firm.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of Worldwide Asset Exchange or WAX and CIO of OPSkins. WAX is the stage for establishing protected and transparent in-game virtual bit exchange. OPSkins is the platform for buying and selling wraps, skins, and other items for online video games. WAX will service the already 400 million players who buy and sell and collect items for online video games. Using block chain technology, users can buy virtual tokens or cryptocurrency. Traders can create their own virtual store and start selling and buying. Security and instant payments is attracting new customers into the virtual ecosystem.

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