Matthew Fleeger- CEO of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is well rounded in the fields of finance, marketing, and business. He received his BA degree from Southern Methodist University in the year of 1985. Once out of college, he took his place in the oil and gas industry. He also founded the incorporation named MedSolutions, Inc in 1993.

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned company in which Matthew serves as the CEO, President, and the Director. This company is based out of Dallas, Texas, but also has locations in four other states including Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Matthew Fleeger is a highly recognized person when it comes to the oil industry. With his leadership skills, he brought new drilling technologies into the company. He was also able to secure joint ventures and partnerships that are helping the company in a more positive way. Matthew has always been able to prove himself successful in the way he manages the Gulf Coast Western.

During the oil recession, Matthew Fleeger was still able to keep his company going in a positive way. The importance of keeping a positive attitude, an open mind, working as a team, and creative options is what helped Gulf Coast Western survive during this storm. Matthew focused on growing the company’s efficiency by evaluating all aspects of the company and cutting down on the overhead. He was able to do all this while still maintaining all of the clients and everyone else involved in the success of the business.

Matthew Fleeger is a well-rounded man with many years of experience in the oil industry. He is well versed in the financial aspects of the business but also has the leadership skills and the integrity to make Gulf Coast Western stay a success in the future. He believes in his team including all the joint ventures and partnerships he has created throughout the years.

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