Ninja Revolution: The Most Influential Ninja Anime


Japanese animation is filled to the brim with the legend of the ninja. There are few prominent Ninja anime that stand out amongst the crowd that not only provided wonderful examples of Japanese storytelling, but also managed to break the stereotypical molds that surround the Genre of ninja anime. The most popular of these shows is of course Naruto. Naruto is an anime that focuses more on the characters’ goals and development than on an overarching story or fantastic action sequences.

It also provided a more colorful template as opposed to the constant dark anime and brooding palettes that have controlled the genre for decades. Basilisk, another anime focused primarily on ninja can be looked at as a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. The bitter blood feud between two clans and the two lovers trapped in-between creates exciting drama. The animation as well as character designs are beautiful and unique making Basilisk a visual delight for both story and animation.

The final, arguably the most famous of anime ninja appears in the Ninja Scroll film. Revolutionizing the genre with crisp animation, intense character development, deep character relationships and violent yet gripping action scenes, Ninja Scroll take the throne as one of the most influential ninja anime within the genre.

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