A New Chairman and His Strategies to Grow Capital Group, Inc

Timothy D. Armour is easily recognized as the Chairman and CEO of the one of the largest investment management companies in the world, the Capital Group, Inc. According to the Capital Group website, Tim as he prefers to be called, is also the Chairman and Principal Executive of Capital Research and Management Company, a part of the larger Capital Group. Tim Armour boasts over 30 years experience in investment and equity portfolio management. During his tenure as the Capital Group equity portfolio manager, Tim dedicated most of his time working with various telecommunication and service companies in the US and around the world.

The Board of Directors of Capital Group announced the appointment of Tim as the Chairman of the Group in mid 2015. Following the announcement, Tim along with Phil de Toledo, the company President and Rob Lovelace, the President of Capital Research and Management Company and other ranking members were tasked with implementing Capital Group’s business strategies and overseeing its operations. Immediately after his appointment, Tim affirmed that the management team together with its strong team of 7,600 associates will work together to realize the company’s mission. The mission is to produce solid, long-lasting investment results to satisfy the needs of its growing list of clients and investors.

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In line with it mission to strengthen investment strategies, Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management (SAM) announced an alliance covering several elements, including development of asset management capabilities and product for the Korea based entity. According to an excerpt published on Asianasset.com in October 2015, the Capital will help SAM develop retirement solutions; strengthen SAM’s investment strategies and asset allocation products and services. Under the multifaceted pact; the distribution channel support will involve conducting training programs in core areas such as business management, client management and asset management.

On product management, appropriate Capital Group products and services are to be deployed to help Samsung shore up its distribution channels. With regards to the retirement solutions, Capital will help SAM develop object oriented, long-term retirement solutions for the Korean market. Lastly, the investment management processes are targeted at enhancing SAM’s investment capability following Capital’s active management style. Tim Armour graduated from Middlebury College, a Los Angeles-based university, where he obtained a bachelors degree in economics, an overview on Bloomberg indicates. He started his career as an investment management in 1983 as a participant in The Capital Associates Program.

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Sam Boraie: A Man Who Makes a Difference

Sam Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. has been a pillar of the New Brunswick community. From Philanthropic works to many urban development projects in greater New Jersey, it’s safe to say Mr. Boraie is a man who wants to make the world a much better place for the people living in it. Let’s talk a little more about the man behind it all. Sam Boraie is the second son of founder and CEO of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie emigrated to the United States from Egypt four decades ago. Mr. Boraie Sr. earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry before founding Boraie Development in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Boraie children followed in their father’s footsteps and are directly involved in the company by serving as vice presidents of development for their family’s business.

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development has created a trend of breathing life into every community it starts development projects in. From building 190 lower in condos and townhomes to be sold for much less than market value to provide housing to those in need to helping change the neighborhoods surrounding their projects flourish; It’s clear Mr. Boraie is a man who cares. See: http://www.boraie.com/

Other notable projects Mr. Boraie have been involved in include the complete planning, recreation, and development of Atlantic City’s entire Tourism District in 2011. This project has been a godsend to Atlantic City; by building housing and retail establishments in areas of the city that aren’t quite what they use to be. Good things come to the areas where Mr. Boraie and Boraie Development get involved.

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Sam Boraie’s devotion to making the world a better place doesn’t stop with at his business dealings. Mr. Boraie is heavily involved with many charities, including serving on the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise, a nonprofit organization which provides culinary arts training to hundreds of students then provides them with jobs. Elijah’s Promise offers thousands of healthy meals for local children and senior citizens by working with New Brunswick’s Meals on Wheels’ program. Sam Boraie is also on the Board of Trustees for the historic State Theater in New Brunswick. Some notable contributions Mr. Boraie provided to the State Theater include sponsoring free summer movie series which include films like Frozen, E.T. Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monster University, and Aladdin at no cost to summer camps of families to attend.

As you can see, Sam Boraie and Boraie Development are clearly determined to make the world a beautiful and brighter place. By being involved in many development projects throughout New Jersey, cities like Atlantic City get a second chance by having new industries and much-needed stimulation of local economies. Also, the philanthropic actions of this amazing family and business gives children a safe place to enjoy their favorite movies, provides healthy meals to local children and senior citizens, and gives local youth an opportunity for amazing careers by providing specialized, culinary arts training. I’m so glad the world has men like Sam Boraie, determined to make the world a better place in everything they do.

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Eric Lefkofsky – The Billionaire Cancer Fighter

When most people think of billionaires, they think of people involved in finance, technology or real estate investments. The names of Donald Trump and Bill Gates are often some of the first that come to mind when recognizing the exclusive billionaire club. Builtinchicago.com mentions that Eric Lefkofsky is a name that many probably don’t know as a household name, however, many of his business creations are.

Eric Lefkofsky studied at the University of Michigan, where he eventually earned a Juris Doctor degree. However, his career post law school has not steered him into the courtroom. Instead, Lefkofsky is described as a business entrepreneur. He creates companies and runs them to be highly successful before moving on to the next great business need.

One such company is Tempus. It is a technology company that facilitates Doctors to give a more personalized experience to cancer patients. Tempus does this through its operating system that is not only interactive and analytical to Oncologists but also has the ability to learn. This gives Doctors the necessary tools to provide real-time, highly accurate data-driven decisions for their cancer patients.

More specifically, a patient will provide their Doctor and Tempus blood and tissue samples. Once received at a Tempus lab, the samples are examined for DNA and RNA sequencing. Within two weeks of receiving the samples Tempus researchers are able to identify gene mutations related to that patient’s cancer. Tempus then sends a report to the patient’s Doctor that includes the patient’s specific gene mutations. Obviously, this information alone allows the Doctor to formulate a plan tailored to their patient. However, Tempus goes one step further and includes in the report information from scientific manuals and relevant clinical trials.

So successful has Tempus become that it recently announced a partnership with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s Abramskn Cancer Center. Using its proprietary operating system, Tempus provides researchers at the university with sequencing and analysis of pancreatic and melanoma cancer patient tissue samples. This will allow university researchers and physicians to pick the best immunotherapy treatment to give it’s patients at Abramskn.

For Lefkofsky, being a household name billionaire isn’t his main motivation for his pursuits. As can be seen with the revolutionary work being done with Tempus, Lefkofsky is not only an innovator but also a humanitarian.

More information for Eric Lefkofsky: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/eric-lefkofsky-liz-lefkofsky-support-223023277.html

FreedomPop Can Show Anyone The Meaning Of The Word “Free”

Most people don’t believe that any service can truly be given for free, but a great FreedomPop review is able to change this perception. Not only has FreedomPop been giving free cell phone service for five years, they’ve added other free services as well. The free cell phone service is offered through FreedomPop on any cell phone that’s brought to the company or purchased directly from FreedomPop. Any GSM phone can be used with FreedomPop services as long as it’s accompanied by a FreedomPop sim card that can be purchased from the website for only a few dollars.

FreedomPop still accepts Sprint phones, so they can always be transferred over to the FreedomPop network. The only thing that should be checked is the software for any cell phone that’s brought over the FreedomPop because iPhones have to have 7.0 or higher software, while Android phones must have software of 4.0 or higher. The free plan is available to be used on just about any phone, even if it’s an iPhone. With many other wireless provider’s free cell phone plans, only a basic phone can be used with no real functions other than making calls, sending texts, and even getting on the Internet is difficult.

Those who want to break free of the stereotype that free service has to be on a cheap phone can always bring their own phone to FreedomPop and still have the free service. With the free service, the customer will get their 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts, and at least 200 MB of data. By adding some FreedomPop friends as well as completing some offers, it’s always possible to keep getting free data to move it from the 200 MB limit up to a higher amount.

FreedomPop also has free Internet that’s offered on their portable hotspots, which is very handy for anyone who always has to have Internet service when they are on the road. The hotspots may be a better deal for some people because hotspots can be taken pretty much anywhere. The portable hotspots get 500 MB of data for free on a monthly basis, and other low-cost plans are available as well. Anyone with a hotspot can pay as little as $0.015 cents for each megabyte that they use, and there is also a bulk plan available for those who need more data, such as the 2 GB plan for only $19.99.


Madison Street Capital: Experience for International Financial Advising


Madison Street Capital advises businesses about corporate finances. They work with companies that are both privately and publicly owned. This business believes in professional service, strong leadership, excellence, and integrity. Since the business of corporate finance depends on correct timing, Madison Street Capital strives to have a quick response to opportunities. They can use their knowledge and experience to put the right buyers and sellers together. With every situation a client has, Madison Street Capital can tailor a strategic plan for financing and capitalization.

Corporate finance is multi-faceted. It is composed of deal structuring, market pricing, due diligence, and mergers/acquisition. Companies also need to understand how to implement various exit strategies. Madison Street Capital has the experience and skill that can deal with all of these issues.

Hundreds of clients have reached their goals, thanks to help from Madison Street Capital. Since they have the financial experience that companies need, they have become one of the top providers of financial advisory services. They have offices over the world and display a global view for businesses and networks.

Madison Street Capital has a wealth of expertise. They have a corporate advisory system that includes capital restructuring, mergers/acquisition, and reorganization services. They can also assist in ESOP advisory, bankruptcy, buy-out, private placement, and corporate governance. The company advises clients about tax compliance and company valuation.

Financial reporting valuation is another important component of this consultation. It includes goodwill and intangible asset impairments. Madison Street Capital also works with structured finance products and share-based compensation. Financial opinions are offered concerning solvency/capital adequacy and independent third party fairness opinions.

The company specializes in companies who are in the asset management business. They advise on mergers/acquisitions and restructuring services. Companies will also get their advice about portfolio valuation and financial sponsor coverage. Madison Street Capital can show companies how to build wealth, plan their taxes, and compose a business exit plan.

Many different types of industries have been helped by Madison Street Capital. This company appreciates the uniqueness of each client. This is why they customize their recommendations and analyses. It was founded in 2005 to offer special financial services advisory. They have offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is paramount to them. They strive to give the best services to all of their international clientele.

10 Trick for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa when Taking Pictures with Your Smartphone

Taking good pictures with a smartphone is similar to taking pictures with any other camera. Here are ten tricks from Figueroa that are very useful when taking pictures with your smartphone for perfect snaps.

Take a Second Extra

Do not be in a hurry to take the shot. Take an extra second and ensure that the angle and the lighting are good. Also, make sure that the photo’s composition is good by ensuring your capture the interesting things according to Figueroa. This contributes to the final quality of a picture.

Come closer

Optical zoom lacks on smartphones. When you zoom, the picture is distorted, and there is a lot of noise. This means that one will have to go edit the picture later which compromises its quality. Moving closer to the object helps bring almost everything to the picture, hence, improving its quality.

Use composition principles

It would help a lot to be familiar with the five rules of composition and have them applied in the next picture you take. One of the important principles is placing the crucial aspects of the photo a third of a side of the picture. This improves the photos greatly. Trimming is, also, a good idea.

Get rid of flash

Flashes create strange highlights and shadow not intended, distorts the colours and creates unwanted reflections on Tumblr. Unless it is really necessary, it is advisable to switch it off. Take advantage of natural light which works perfectly for pictures.

Use a different camera application

Third-party applications offer more options that the default one. There are many third-party applications from the app stores you could get.

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Know the Option in the camera application

Knowing the options can help you change the settings to best suit the scene you would want to capture since different scenes have different properties and needs. This will help you get the exact photo you want.

Use the HDR

The High Dynamic Range, when moderately used can help balance the exposure of the picture with enough shadows and reflections. If overused, however, the image can seem like it’s out of place.

Use Less Filters

Instead of using so many filters, take time and align on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com your photo and have the aspects you desire present before capturing. In as much as filters can enhance the look, it is good to let the pictures speak their language.

Learn to Edit

Learn to make small adjustments. In as much as it can be a challenge, it is fun if you know how to. Editing improves the look of the photo greatly.

Keep your lenses clean

It is very easy for the camera lens to get dirty. Take time and clean your lens to avoid taking blur pictures. Use of a cleaning cloth ensures the lens is not damaged.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Mr Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is the President, Director, and Treasurer of five Panama-based companies. His first appointment was in the winter of 2011, and has since been a prominent figure in Panama’s business community, contributing greatly to growth and mentorship.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adrián-josé-velasquez-figueroa

Town Residential Cements Its Position In NYC

Within a short time, Town Residential has managed to build a strong position for itself in New York City as luxury real estate firm. It is a company renowned for seamless execution when it comes to customer service. It has an elite team of real estate representatives who offer customers an exhilarating vision of the glamorous life style they should be living. Town Residential is an essential part of New York City due to its amazing executive team led by CEO Andrew Heiberger. He is a business leader within the West Side of New York. Many business professionals come to him for wisdom and strive to follow his example. He has been decorated with awards such as, “Entrepreneur of the Year”, and he has made the list of most successful people under 40 within the real estate industry. Town Residential is known as one of the best places to work within New York City because of the amazing company culture.


It is the amazing energy of its executive staff and unique company culture that has allowed Town Residential to extend into the meatpacking district with its 10th office. The company’s clients can how experience its unprecedented customer service and industry expertise at a location right along the Hudson River in front of High Line Park. This location is perfect because it allows for convenient access to all prospective buyers who are present in the West Side of New York City. The new office is 7,000 Square meters and has a 16 foot ceiling. Town Residential has rented the entire 2nd floor at a price of $90 per square meter. It chose to sign a 15 year contract for the space because it knows it will thrive in that location for years to come. There is also a private roof deck where clients of Town Residential can get a glimpse of a luxury lifestyle.


This new office space not only attracts clients, it also attracts key strategic partners into Town Residential’s sphere of influence. Thomas & Ingram is one company that has decided to operate itself under Town Residential’s umbrella. Their staff have moved into the glamorous new office where they will contribute expertise on New York’s West Village to the company. Employees from other Town Residential offices have also been eager transfer into the newer property. They want to experience the glory of closing deals on the 7,000 square meter roof deck. Andrew Heiberger and his elite team are in an increasingly strong position in the West Side market of New York City. Through key strategic partnerships Town Residential is expected to continue to succeed at presenting clients with a vision of luxury living that can be theirs for a price.


Online Reputation Management – An Essential Tool for Business Survival

Did you know that there are products that are not visible on the Web, and do not show up in an online search? The reason for this is that the brand does not have an active online presence. Any business that is serious about sales needs to take charge of the online conversation regarding their brand so that it sells. This is known as Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management helps a business to know its strengths and weaknesses, based on the online reviews it gets. Any business owner must assume that consumers are going online to look for their products. If the company does not rank highly in online searches, then chances of making sales are slim. The secret lies in influencing the online conversation so that your product is easy to find. Here are some tips.

Know how your brand is doing

There are monitoring tools for this purpose, like Reputology and Reputation.com. These tools show you exactly how your brand is doing online.

Update your website and social media accounts often.

Social media is an effective way of driving a conversation about your brand, by creating a positive reputation.

Push down negative content that appears online about your brand.

Do this by generating positive content that will outrank any negative reviews.

Optimize your content for search engines.

Issuing of regular press releases as well as updating your social media sites will also make sure that your brand appears more frequently.

Make user reviews work for you.

Take note of positive comments online and make them work in your favor. Share, retweet, and quote them.

Admit mistakes and fix them quickly.

Negative reviews have a way of being noticed. Take advantage of this publicity to apologize and rectify this situation. Make sure that when you fix the mistake, everybody knows.

There are several posts on the Web about Online Reputation Management, including Allbusiness. This site offers five tips that are easy to follow even for the businessperson with little experience.

Online Reputation Management is, therefore, crucial for the growth and survival of any business. Take your time and do it right.


The Real Estate Company Cornering the Market

Recently, an article was published detailing the massive success of a relatively new real estate company in New York. TOWN Residential opened its 10th office outpost in the meatpacking district in Manhattan. This will give this up and coming real estate business access to the Hudson River which represents a unique client base that the company did not have access to. This gives the real estate company the opportunity to hire new real estate agents and analysts, creating new jobs and adding an additional dimension to the company.


This new office is located on West 14th street and is 7100 square feet. It has 16 foot high ceilings and a third floor roof. This exemplifies the unique work environment needed to attract the best and brightest talent. The TOWN Residential leadership knows that work culture is essential in promoting the best and brightest ideas from its employees. Furthermore, the high ceilings and beautiful sights off of the third floor roof are a perfect place for work meetings. The prime real estate and location of the office shows that TOWN Residential knows what top end real estate entails, no doubt impressing clients. People will flock to this unique office setting for the latest information on real estate as they look for the perfect location for their home and office.


While TOWN Residential is only five years old, it has undoubtedly cornered the New York real estate market. Relying on the best and brightest talent, TOWN Residential combines a unique mix of veteran and experienced leadership with youthful talent fresh out of school to inject some new and cutting edge ideas into the company. This combination means that the latest and greatest information is shared with the customer while this unparalleled knowledge and experience ensures that the ideas are carried out to perfection.


TOWN Residential has developed an impressive track record in the New York luxury real estate market. Excelling in marketing, sales, and real estate analysis, TOWN earned numerous accolades such as Best Firm to Work For in New York City and has been listed as a Top 50 Employer in New York City. TOWN Residential knows that New York City is the most challenging real estate market on Earth. That’s why they employ only the most qualified professionals in the real estate industry. Without a doubt, the cornerstone of TOWN Residential is its unsurpassed customer service that places their needs at the forefront of their mission.


Overcoming the Impossible With IAP Worldwide

Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) came about through the partnership with various organizations to provide solutions to the most difficult challenges presented by man using proven technologies. Starting from a group of pioneering companies that came together back in 1953, the company became officially known as Ingenuity and Purpose in 1990 in Irmo, South Carolina. It all began with providing generator supplies to the United States Army, now IAP Worldwide Services is a reliable partner with the United States military and continues supply temporary as well as mobile power generation, transport services, and emergency disaster relief.

Currently, IAP Worldwide Services is a market leader in the provision of global scale planning, facilities management and innovative technical and professional services. No matter how demanding the challenge is, IAP is well equipped with a staff of over 2000 employees in more than twenty-five countries around the globe. The company has made its services readily at the disposal of both public and private sector clients.

IAP specializes in dealing with the unexpected, with the experience to organize, coordinate and execute complex logistical and technical obstacles. On top of offering innovative solutions to their vast clientele, IAP also delivers these services effectively and right on time. Their response in meeting the challenges presented by their clientele is among the many attributes that put this company on top of its game.

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Ingenuity and Purpose, on many instances, has risen to the occasion in transforming any operating environment into a fully-functioning community, whether it is in the United States or overseas. With the help of a team of overqualified professionals, IAP can provide custom-engineered solutions for infrastructure, construction, power, and facilities engineering, just to say the least.

Their responsiveness in solving challenges presented by their customers comes in handy when setting up or intervening into an already existing infrastructure system. The company can set up a fully functional infrastructure system using a broad range of engineering and design services, including impact studies, visual assessment, staging and phasing layout, 2D design, and 3D modeling and animation. On top of setting up, IAP also overlooks the operations and maintenance of facilities. Using a compact modular system for design capabilities, the company can fast track implementation for rapid response to every customer’s needs.

With a means of ensuring safety and comfort of staff, the company also provides full life support services, including health and emergency services. IAP also offers its support private and public healthcare institutions in the United States, Europe, and the Middle West. Keeping in mind that technology is entirely dependent on power; IAP is also an expert in large power installation operations and maintenance.

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