Lime Crime Looks At New Beauty Trends

Lime Crime is a leader in the beauty industry. The company was one of the first to go online and sell their products exclusively. Consequently, they are a beauty and makeup company that create trends. The company rarely follows trends of other makeup lines. Certainly, they are very unique in their approach to beauty, preferring the dramatic over the less than uninspiring looks. Leaf through any magazine and you will discover that some of the hottest beauty trends today are all about drama. For example, dramatic eyes are a growing trend that is here to stay. Here is Lime Crime’s look at new beauty trends.

Dramatic Eyeliner

Perhaps, it is time to change the way you look at your makeup. Most women jump on a certain makeup look and stick with it for months or even years. We’ve all seen the women that are approaching forty that are still rocking their high school makeup look. Perhaps, they still look good in the makeup, but the look is outdated. Now, is the time to update that look with a dramatic eye. A bold, and dramatic eye, will make a world of difference in your look. For example, the Liquid Quill Eyeliner that is produced by Lime Crime is available in jet black and is the perfect tool for creating the dramatic cat eye look that is so on trend.

Lime Crime’s New Palette

Anytime of the year, is the right time of the year to add a bit of drama to your eyes. For example, the Venus XL Eye-shadow Palette produced by Lime Crime. Certainly, there are a wide range of colors that will add vibrant color to your eyelids. The Venus XL collection includes a wonderful assortment of colors in shades ranging from rustic reds to beautiful bronzed neutrals that will bring out the goddess in you.

The legacy of the Chainsmokers in the music industry

The chain smokers have become the talk of the day in the music industry. Their songs have become a must list for most of the population in the world. The Chainsmokers have been in operation for just a few years, and they have been able to make a significant number of records.

The music band is composed of two ambitious young men who never stop dreaming and aiming higher to achieve their goals. The two guys are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Before The two met, the Chainsmokers was composed of Andrew Taggart and the former DJ Rhett Bixler who after leaving the group, Alex Pall was informed about the golden opportunity at the chain smokers that he decided to leave Maine where he was working and moved to New York where they met with Andrew Taggart. It is from that time that the two started working together. The success that they have achieved and the high potential they still portray in them shows that they formed a perfect match for the Chainsmokers band.

Many factors have enabled them to have the position they are today in the music industry. One of the elements is the ability to choose the type of people they associate and relate to. They work with some of them, most successful people in the industry such as Halsey who they worked together to write the song ‘Closer.’ These people have been able to give them a positive influence and the right challenge to lure them into working harder to reach the level of success that they have achieved.

From the number of view in the social media platforms such as in the Instagram, Facebook among others, it is evident that the Chainsmokers have had an increasing number of the audience over the years because of the great taste in their music. They write their songs from their life experiences and what’s happening in the present world.

Besides, the chain smokers have also made significant achievements such as winning various awards such as the Granny annual awards, the American Music Awards among others. They have also recently released the new song ‘Somebody’ and also have released a tutorial on how the song was made. This shows that they continue putting more efforts because to them the sky has always been the limit.

Louis Chenevert Business Production

The success of every individual is determined by what they are doing at the present moment of their life. Everyone in the world can make a difference and be successful, all it takes is passion and the willingness to stick to their dreams.

Louis Chenevert is among the individuals who have startled the world with their prowess in the business world. He has had his hand in more than 50 businesses that have ended up a great success. Many investors around the world are applying his mechanisms in running their ventures, and they have proved to be successful.

His breakthrough came when he was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Every time we are discussing the success and prominence of UTC, we have to mention the input of Louis Chenevert.

Chenevert’s career began in HEC Montreal, where he studied Production Management. Production Management helps in ensuring that the company’s production is efficient. This means that the quality of the goods are high and the cost at which they are produced is minimal.

After school, Chenevert was hired by General Motors. Chenevert stayed with the company for 14 years. Guy Hachey, the individual who hired him never regretted his decision at any given time. He was also a young man, hungry to achieve his dreams. Like Chenevert, he also wanted to improve the company and rise to the high ranked position in the firm.

Every time Hachey got promoted, he promoted Chenevert. He says that he is the best executive he ever worked with in his career. Chenevert was half a year behind Hachey. The two investors remain close friends even up to date. Hachey says that every time they meet, they remember their time in the industry and laugh so hard that they cry.

After learning valuable lessons at General Motors, it was time to move on to his next quest. Louis Chenevert moved to Pratt & Whitney, where he worked from 1993. After a promotion to being the President of the company, UTC employed him as their CEO. That is how he ended up in UTC and made his unforgettable legacy.

Dr. Walden Is One Of The Most Accomplished Women In Austin

The city of Austin, Texas is not just the capital of Texas. It’s also a fabulous place to build a career and raise a family. One resident who really understand this fact is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden spend her formative years in Austin. Today, she’s a vital part of the local scene. She’s also one of the most visible residents of Austin and a highly skilled surgeon. Her work has been lauded by locals and by national publications at the same time. She is person who loves where she lives and what she does. Her work as a plastic surgeon has brought her personal gratification and offered additional personal gratification to her many happy patients. In the process of returning to her roots, she’s assumed a leading role as one of the most visible residents and also one of the most admired for her dedication and the perfection of her craft.

Her Own Background

Dr. Walden spend her childhood in Austin. She grew up here and completed her education right in the heart of Austin. Both her mother and her father are medical professionals. When she graduated from high school, she decided to attend college in the state. She later completed even more training in New York City. But her roots were always at the back of her mind. She knew she wanted to return and make a life for herself and start a career. It was this feeling that brought her right back home. Today, she has twin boys that she knows she wants to grow up just as she did in Austin. She’s raising them as she was raised in the heart of Texas with the help of her parents and her loving extended family. This is where she wants to remain as her fabulous career continues. Follow Instagram

Securus Technologies and GovPayNet Partner To Improve Communication In Correctional Facilities

GovPayNet is a firm that specializes in credit card processing, and services. The company serves about 25% of American citizens. It boasts of market presence and the news that it was recently acquired by Securus Technologies came as a surprise to many. Moreover, the company offers services for paying court fines, cash bails, and traffic violations. On the other hand, Securus Technologies provide technological solutions to correctional facilities, for crime and investigations department, and law enforcement.


Background Look


Securus has worked with other firms to improve their services, and reach more clients. It is among the leading technological firms in the state, and boasts of customer loyalty. Despite its milestones in the industry, Securus finds it necessary to acquire modern technology. This prompted them to acquire GovPayNet to improve service delivery and reach more clients. Although stakeholders were not sure at the beginning whether the deal would go through, everything worked out eventually. Securus is hopeful that the acquisition of GovPayNet will enable them to offer quality services and offer variety of services. Since GovPayNet specializes in credit card solutions, Securus said that they will retain solutions offered by the company to attract customers. Moreover, Securus wants to retain customers from the company, hence the idea to continue offering their services.




Robert Pickens, the President of Securus, is hopeful that GovPayNet will improve service delivery, and help them reach a wide audience. Pickens also pledged to continue working the management of GovPayNet to come up with strategies to improve the company, and how they can benefit from the process. He assured customers that Securus is determined to offer quality service and its recent acquisition is a step towards that goal. The management of GovPayNet also expressed optimism that Securus will be more effective and they will help when called upon. The future of Securus Technologies looks bright after the acquisition of GovPayNet.


Whitney Wolfe Starts A New Venture

Whitney Wolfe runs one of the most influential dating apps in America. The businesswoman understands that the modern people have busy schedules, and they sometimes find it very difficult to find love. Wolfe has done very well in the market, and her application has been considered to be the fastest growing dating sites in the country. Wolfe started Bubble several years ago. The organization, however, has been registering considerable numbers in the recent times. Subscribers from all parts of the country have shown interest in the application. None of her competitors in the market have been able to match the high-quality standard met by the businesswoman.

Now we’re in bizzness! With @bumblebizz just weeks away from launching, I couldn’t imagine a more impactful headline. I’ve been reading @fastcompany for years, learning from & admiring the many business innovators they have featured. It was always a dream of mine to be a part of something that made an impact big enough to merit acknowledgement (a digital cover!) from a publication like fastco. There are no words to describe the amount of work, grit, determination, and perseverance myself and every single person who has dedicated their passion and time to Bumble. It’s moments like this that remind us how far we’ve come. On the other hand, it is moments like the past couple of weeks that remind us how much further we have to go, not only for our users but to make a bigger dent into hateful behavior in our world and online. A huge thank you to the incredible team at FastCo, to every single person who has been a part of our amazing team and journey, to our incredible users, and to you for making it through this long winded caption. 😉 This is surreal, and we are eternally humbled, grateful, and slightly tipsy from celebrating. Stay tuned for the launch of bumblebizz in a few short weeks and for this story to go live 🐝🥂

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On October last year, Whitney Wolfe announced that she was going to introduce a party that would offer an extraordinary product to her customers. At first, Wolfe did not know the ideal venue to host her great event. After a lot of consultations from all areas, the businesswoman decided to bring the event to the popular Manhattan space. This venue has been famed for hosting the prestigious Four Seasons hotel for a long time. Some of the notable figures in the American society have visited the facility in the past. The ultimate power launch was started at this venue. Respected people have been attending the program for a while now. However, most of the figures in the event were men. Wolfe decided to change the history when she joined the event and make it accessible to women in society. Her dedication speaks volumes about her career.

Whitney Wolfe has managed to venture into the competitive dating world and become successful because of various reasons. First of all, she is highly experienced after working in dating site after completing her university education. The businesswoman has grown from scratch to establish one of the most powerful sites that impress people who are single. Her business strategies have proven to be extremely effective over the years. The businesswoman proved that women entrepreneurs could become successful when she was able to transform the Manhattan space. Thanks to Wolfe, the facility is operating under a new name, management, and menu that is out of this world.

Wolfe held her prestigious wedding last year. For some time, Wolfe had been engaged to her wealthy boyfriend, and they walked down the aisle in the event that was attended by some of the top businessmen in United States. News of the wedding was celebrated by her fans from all over the globe.

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Cancer Treatment of America’s New Endeavor

The prestigious and prominent Cancer Treatment Centers of America is changing the game once again. This is one of the most progressive-thinking organizations in cancer research. This fine institution has been around for 30 years, and at its current production-rate, it will definitely be around for another 30 years. Customized-care is the name of the game and no other cancer-related organization is doing it better. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has set the precedent in this demanding field of work, but it has partnered with WebMD for an all-new endeavor. lets take a closer look below.

By partnering with WebMD, cancer patients will be able to receive real-time information and prompt services for their issues. When it comes to dealing with cancer or for dealing with any type of disease, time is of the essence. There will be an interactive platform that is designed for cancer patients. Patients and their loved-ones can find updated material and information on a wide array of issues such as immunotherapy, diagnosis, chemotherapy, personalized-customer care, radiation, chemotherapy and many others. You won’t find another interactive platform that has this much clout, and it’s easy to use. By combining WebMD’s encyclopedia of health information, cancer patients will be able to receive supportive-care for the issues of fatigue, pain management, nausea and side effects. It doesn’t get any better than this. This program has been put together by clinical staff members within the industry. If you ever have a question, the platform is designed with the cancer patient in mind. The only thing that the patient has to do is to enter his or her diagnosis.

Suffering will be a thing of the past. Prompt service is one of the keys to success. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a revolutionary in a sense. This new contemporary era of cancer research is constantly changing. This organization treats cancer and nothing else. The clinical staff is dedicated to serving its patients. If you have any doubt about what’s being said, just ask questions. You’ll find out the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the real deal thanks to its high-success rate.


Frontera Fund And Joe Arpaio Connection Helped to Create The Organization Responsible For Helping Others

In the late evening hours of October 18, 2007, Maricopa County Sheriffs deputies stormed into the homes of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. The Selective Enforcement Unit walked into their homes and handcuffed them and placed them in awaiting SUV’s to be carted off to jail. They were booked into two separate jails and awaited a hearing in front of the judge.

Village Voice Media executives are forced to leave their homes and then harassed by police to give up the names of those who log on and who work for the media outlet. When the men reported this violated their first amendment, they were given grand jury subpoenas requesting the information. The story that got the two in trouble in the first place was ran about the wrong doings that the sheriff was taking part in. Because the reports were about the sheriff, the hope was to put an end to the stories and to find out who had actually read about the sheriff on the media outlet.

The cover story that appeared as a front line headline for the Phoenix New Times covered how the grand jury seeked the information on the IP addresses, browsing history, names of editors, readers and followers of the outlet were being sought out. Instead of handing over the information, they opted to instead write a cover story about it. For this reason, it landed them in more trouble.

After being illegally detained, the set of men entered into a lengthy court battle that surrounds the first amendment. It also covered the abuse of power that the grand jury provided by releasing the subpoenas. Several years into the court case, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a ruling that ruled in the favor of the two men. In the ruling, the officials were appalled by the behavior of the grand jury and how they broke the law in requesting the information in the first place. Because of this, the two men were awarded $3.7 million dollars. This money that was awarded to them would be the start of the Frontera Fund.

George Soros: The Story of a Huge Contribution and Increased Conservative Attacks

The $18 billion contributions by the leading philanthropist and billionaire, George Soros, to Open Society Foundations has made a big shake in the American civil society just less than three months back. The Atlantic reports that the announcement has made the conservative groups highly upset with the decision of Soros. The conservative theorists were always behind Soros for the past three decades due to his liberal thoughts, attacks on flawed conservative policies, opposition and campaigning against George W. Bush and Donald Trump during their respective Presidential elections, and more. It is the strategy of conservatives to demonize the acts of Soros and justify their stands through that.

The theorists usually follow a strategy of plotting Soros as someone who wields enormous influence and power in the financial world. Though he has efficiently utilized by the market factors to generate wealth, Soros was not someone who influenced to rule the industry as the conservatives say – perhaps no individual yields such a power in the enormous financial world. If it is about the philanthropic world, up to an extent, he exercises power through his Open Society Foundations to shape the societies to the future. Interestingly, his huge gift to Open Society Foundations has made it the second-biggest charity group in the United States.

This factor has infuriated the conservative groups as the news made Soros a major point of discussion. While conservatives target Soros with theories, it is expected to invoke the progressives to spot the conservative billionaires like Koch brothers. Due to the level of scandals and malpractices reported against the conservative billionaires, the strategy may backfire the conservative groups at the end. However, the theories targeting genuine efforts and contributions are expected to make detrimental effects in the society in the long run – the point most conservative theorists fail to understand. It would also reduce grassroots level activism, and people may tend to stay away from charity works or contributions.

Though George Soros has earned significant fortunes from the free market, he believes that excessive competition may damage the open society concepts. To elaborate on this, the expansion of market values and intensification of capitalism is slowing accessing all aspects of the life. Due to that reason, Soros wrote almost two decades back that capitalism is creating the biggest threat to open society concepts, not communism. However, he accepts that capitalism cannot create the extent of damage communism can – as the latter is a totalitarian concept.

George Soros started his life journey from Budapest in the early 1930s. Surviving the Second World War and German invasion as a Hungarian Jew, he and the family shifted to London in 1947. Soros started his college education at London School of Economics. After earning graduation, he moved to the U.S. and began testing his fortunes in the American capital markets. In 1970, with his experience, Soros set up a hedge fund company called Soros Fund Management. With his vision and thoughtful market strategies, it harvested significant success in the market. Since the late 1980s, Soros started his charity mission by setting up Open Society Foundations.

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Life Line Screening Offers Advance Bone Density Test

Life Line Screening is now offering a state-of-the-art Bone Density Screening. This test is incredibly simple and totally painless. Life Line Screening offers a variety of these non-invasive screenings. The goal is to check for specific potential health issues that you may be at risk for. The company also offers packages that screen for a large variety of potential issues. The professional staff at Life Line Screening will provide you with comprehensive results that are deeper than you would receive from a traditional physician. Then, together with your doctor, you can develop more targeted approach to treating any issues or risk factors.

Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Test

As we get older, it is not secret that bone loss can become a major issue. Many people are at risk for Osteoporosis.

It is always better to try to catch Osteoporosis early on. For that reason, Life Line Screening offers a bone density test that will utilize non-invasive ultrasound to check for Osteoporosis risk. Osteoporosis screenings should be conducted annually, especially for anyone who has certain risk factors. Risk factors include: being a postmenopausal woman, heavy smoking or alcohol consumption, a diet that lacks calcium, or having a very thin physique.

What is Bone Loss?

Bone loss is often a tricky term, because it doesn’t mean you lose a full bone. As we age, bone tissue is often lost faster than our bodies can create new bone tissue. People are especially susceptible to this as they age and if they have certain diet issues such as smoking, calcium deficiency, or excessive alcohol use. If you are over the age of 55, it is likely a good idea to start thinking about potential bone loss issues. These could sneak up on you later in life and cause mobility issues that can keep you from doing things you love.

Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Scans are a way to determine not only if you have bone density issues that can lead to Osteoporosis, but to learn exactly how serious it is. This will help you to come up with a more holistic treatment plan with your physician to manage bone loss.

What to Do to Prepare for Your Bone Density Screening

Like most Life Line Screenings, there is little to no preparation required. All you need to remember is to not wear pantyhose or tights. You will need to remove your socks and shoes for the screening, so come prepared wearing shoes you are comfortable removing.

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