BMWs from Beverly Hills Auto

As most people know in this day and age, buying a new car doesn’t make sense from an economical standpoint. This is why when looking for luxury vehicles; such as a BMW, it is more beneficial to buy used. Not only will used BMWs save you money from a lower buying price, but you also won’t have to worry about the thousands of dollars lossed in depreciation on a new vehicle. One of the best used BMW models to look for is the 3 series; well-known for its strong performance, superb fuel economy, and refined interior.

When on the search for a used BMW, it’s helpful to look at your local dealers and find some of the models you like. If you are in the market for a used BMW, the Beverly Hills Auto Group offers several models! The Beverly Hills Auto is located in Woodside, New york. Beverly Hills Auto also offers trade-in advice over live chat. Beverly Hills Auto has the used BMW for you!

Fabletics – Successful Athleisure Brand with Huge Collection of Designer Fitness Clothing for Women

Fabletics is a brand that is well-known in the athleisure category. The company started in the year 2013, and in the span of fewer than five years, it has managed to give big companies like Amazon a good shake from their stable business. Fabletics has managed to reach an annual turnover of over $250 million, and with the growth rate of close to forty percent, that figure is going to increase in the time to come. It is a worrying factor for large enterprises like Amazon who holds the market share of over 20 percent in the fashion retail business.


Fabletics is one of the brands that are managed by its parent company, Techstyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The popularity of Kate Hudson as a Hollywood actress has helped push the brand to its zenith regarding marketing, which helped Fabletics get tons of business as it started. The success of Fabletics can also be attributed to its hugely successful subscription business model, which has been able to garner over 1.2 million subscribers from over eight countries since the brand started its operation. As per the reports, Fabletics is growing at the pace of over thirty percent annually.


The VIP members of Fabletics get an e-mail each month in the first week, where they have showcased a selection of athleisure products that suit their taste, style, and preference. The company offers a personalized collection to each and every member, which helps in ensuring that the members get what they are looking for. One other reason for brand’s huge success in the fashion retail business is the focus of Fabletics on affordability. Fabletics, from the very beginning, wanted to be a brand that would ensure that the customers from all walks of life can afford their products. The prices of the company’s products are kept reasonable, and women can buy high-quality products from Fabletics at the cost that is a fraction of what other counterparts charge in the market.


Fabletics also followed the reverse showroom technique successfully to keep their growth momentum. It means that the brand focused on opening physical stores only after winning the heart of its target audience online and managing to push annual revenue to the substantial position. Women who want to experience what Fabletics has to offer must take the lifestyle quiz on the company’s site to know firsthand how Fabletics personalizes the shopping experience for its customers.

Are Low Cost Index Funds Always The Right Answer?

In 2008, Warren Buffett wagered $1 million that his pick of a low cost S&P 500 Index fund would outperform five funds chosen by money management firm Protégé. The winner will be declared in 2018 after 10 years, and the money will be donated to charity.Timothy Armour, chairman of Capital Group, believes that although Buffett is a wise investor, carefully selected funds chosen by seasoned hedge fund managers will outperform low cost index funds in the long run. Even though low cost index funds seem like a good idea during a bull market, when the market faces a downturn these investors will be left more vunerable. The reality is that noone is able to predict the direction of the market at any given moment.

On July 28, 2015 the Board of Directors of Capital Group announced the election of Tim Armour as their new Chairman. This was a significant promotion from his previous position as Chairman of Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. Jim Rothenberg, the former Chairman had passed away. Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and 32 years of investment experience.

Tim Armour believes that the strategy to “find active managers who earn their keep”, involves working with managers who consistently research the companies they invest in and invest their own money in the funds they recommend to their clients. His argument on why hedge fund are better than index funds is mainly due to the lack of control an investor has in an index fund.The chief of Capital Group has also commented on how the surprise election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States will impact the market. The interest rate has been dropping for his entire career, he says, and therefore he believes that it has reached the bottom and we should expect them to climb going forward.

Doe Deere’s Revolutionary Company, Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a Russian-born entrepreneur who launched her cosmetic line branded Lime Crime in late 2008. The aim of Lime Crime was to make bright, bold colors that work for both male and female clients. Doe Deere moved to the United States from Russian when she was just 17 to chase her dreams. Doe showed early on that she had a talent and passion for having her own business, even having a small business at the young age of 13 selling tempory tattoos in Russia. The original dream that drew her to the United States was to be a musician, but the dream changed to cosmetics as Doe realized this was her true passion and calling. A graduate of the fashion industry, Doe Deere has the strong belief that fashion and cosmetics go hand in hand. After 9 years of calling New York home, she moved to Los Angeles to expand her horizons and turn Lime Crime into a reality.

Doe Deere is known for her bold use of color, often sporting bright, pastel shaded hair, along with bold makeup to match her colorful wardrobe.

The initial launch of Lime Crime came about in late 2008. In 2009, Lime Crime introduced a bold, bright lipstick brand appropriately called Unicorn Lipsticks. These were followed up by Velvetines in 2012, and this product was responsible for starting a liquid lipstick phenomenon on the map. Lime Crime is billed as vegan, which is huge for a cosmetics brand as most cosmetic brands can’t claim this because they contain beeswax.

Lime Crime offers a variety of promotions and discounts so people who are new to the brand and curious can try it. There is a 15% student discount, as well as 10% off for email sign up. There is also a refer a friend program at Lime Crime. You refer a friend, they purchase one of Lime Crime’s fabulous products, and you get $5 off your next order. There is a free shipping option on US orders that total over $50, which can lead to additional savings on top of the discounts.

Lime Crime is a revolutionary company that has a bright future and will only continue to get bigger as it garners a bigger following.

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Bruce Levenson Looks To Educate The Not For Profit Community

The not for profit sector of the U.S. community has been seeking to gain more of a foothold in the world of business in recent years, but UCG co-founder and philanthropist Bruce Levenson believes the problem facing many not for profit leaders is the gap in their business skills. Levenson admires the passion of philanthropists and not for profit leaders, but believes their peers in the private sector are often better equipped to achieve long term success because of the standard of education they receive.

In a bid to close the gap between the not for profit and private sectors the man behind the TechTarget and Gas Buddy brands has thrown his considerable financial weight behind the development of the Do Good Institute at The University of Maryland. Bruce Levenson has been involved in the work of the Do Good Institute since its inception and seeded $75 million in finds to The University of Maryland to help develop the institute and establish it in a position that has seen it become a great success from the first day of its launch in 2010. Bruce Levenson hopes the Do Good Institute will be the first step in hands on approach to not for profit education that should begin to be seen across the U.S. after the success shown in the first few years of operation for the Do Good Institute. Read full report on


After developing UCG in a spare room as a stand-alone newsletter in the 1970s, Bruce Levenson and business partner Ed Peskowitz set out to develop the company as a leader in the delivery of information that has moved with the latest technology. In 2004, Bruce Levenson headed a consortium that purchased the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, taking the team from last place in the standings to the number one seed entering the 2015 playoffs before selling the franchise for a Forbes estimated $840 million.

Is Being A Wine Guide A Job?

Wine guides who work with the Traveling Vineyard are definitely not considered regular employees. They have a term for being called Wine Guides because they are simply those who talk about what the company does and what they have to offer. The job isn’t even about selling. You are not keeping inventory of these products and definitely aren’t asked to do so at all in any way either. The basic idea behind it is that you are marketing these products.

The question stems to become, is this a way to make real money? Definitely. It’s a legitimate make money opportunity that can actually make you some legit serious money. Not only that, but wine guides receive great amounts of support from Traveling Vineyard. They receive support from the experts in the, so wherever you may be there is somebody ready to help you get started once you become a wine guide yourself.

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Wine guides are definitely hardworking individuals who strive to create great success for their work in this industry. Wine guides are ultimately capable of making some serious cash in this industry. It is definitely a job that could flourish into a genuine career that could make one guide all the money they need to even leave their other job if needed. Wine guides get so much flexibility to do so much other things, and it’s very rewarding to witness the way the job works out in the end. Wine guides can open new doors for you so definitely join the fun.

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Samuel Strauch Provides Real Estate Investing Advice

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for information on how to get started in real estate. They see this industry as a great way to earn a decent income or start a highly lucrative business.

It’s true, real estate can make you a great income if you learn from a successful investor. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, it is absolutely essential to learn from an expert in the field. You need to find a professional that has great reputation and is well versed in all aspects of the real estate industry.

When it comes to making money or starting a highly lucrative business in the real estate field, look no further than Samuel Strauch – a successful entrepreneur and real estate expert in Miami, Florida.

Samuel Strauch has advised and helped people from all walks of life. His clients rave about the high quality help and coaching he provided to them. He is a caring person and reliable professional, and he takes the time to explain things in a way that even a novice can understand immediately.


The real estate industry has helped numerous people attain their dream of financial independence, and it can help you. You simply need to gain access to top notch resources and training to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

While the economy and property demand can affect your success in this business, there are ways to boost your chances of reaching your goal.

Samuel Strauch ( teaches effective strategies to produce huge profits in this industry. Samuel Strauch advises property buyers how to make huge profits and attain financial security through having ownership of multiple rental real estate properties. In addition, he advises and guides beginners on the proven strategies of successful real estate investing.

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Arthur Becker: He Built the Impossible Dream

Very few of us have had the ability to harness the power of both information technology which improves the way we communicate and biotechnology which enhances our health.

Arthur Becker, a former home-builder and operator of a macadamia orchard in Hawaii, morphed into a real estate wizard and a Biotech Mogul. According to, his journey to multi-million dollar fame could not have been planned. Becker made the right decisions at the right time because he knows how to solve problems.

Becker’s academic training was in Business Administration, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration at Bennington College in 1972 and he attended Tuck School of Business between 1973 and 1974 which is based in Dartmouth. His business organization skills have served him well.

In 2002, Arthur Becker was appointed as the CEO of NaviSite, LLC. NaviSite provides hosting services for organizations looking to outsource their IT services, which helps lower their operational costs, and offers state-of-the-art data centers. Becker also served as a board member of NaviSite and worked at NaviSite for eight years.

According to Page Six, Becker’s wealth derived from the time he spent at NaviSite. It was at this point in Becker’s life that he gradually moved into the culture of tech companies and he also took advantage of investment opportunities.

In June of 2012, Becker was appointed the Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. Zinio is a digital publishing company. It delivers digitalized content which converts content to offer digital editions to magazine publishers for their readers on their smartphones, tablets, and desktops. In the same period, Becker served as the managing director of the Madison Technology group, served as a managing director of the Atlantis Investors company, and served as the chairman and CEO of the Zinio Company.

Becker left Zinio in 2015 and has continued his career in real estate investment. Through Arthur Becker’s Atlantic Investors LLC, he has invested $500 million into New York real estate. Becker is moving out of the shadows and is now developing his properties with his name on them.

Is Becker finally going to enjoy his life and settle down? No, I do not think so.

Innovation Is How EOS Toppled Chapstick and Blistex

It’s difficult to look through social media, beauty magazines, or YouTube and not see images of EOS lip balms positioned at beauty enthusiasts lips. One would also be hard-pressed not to see the colorful moisturizing orbs strategically positioned at the checkout stand. Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a product that women just can’t seem to live without.

Jumping on the increasing interest in organic and cruelty-free products, EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky decided to do away with the typical cylindrical tube lip balms have been packaged in for 100 years and instead packaged their product into bright balls filled with fragrant, moister-rich ingredients. That decision has led to this seven-year-old company giving Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees some stiff competition.

According to a piece published by Fast Company, these innovators discovered through research that while lip balm is generally no a gender specific product, women overwhelmingly use it on a regular basis as part of their everyday beauty regime. They decided to market to millennial women specifically, and made the product appealing to the senses, wallet, and conscious in a way that produced longevity, when it could have easily become just another fad. EOS leverage their superior products with an vast distribution network built quickly through relationships with Walgreens, Costco, Walmart and Target, all of which quickly fell for their unique applicator orbs and signed on with the brand

According to a Kline Research study, the self-funded venture accomplished that and more. EOS lip balm skyrocketed to second place in 2014 and is second only to Burt’s Bees. Blistex and Chapstick – companies that have been around far longer – are seeing their sales slipping. Blistex, along with Revo, Sephora, and Walgreens have all spawned their own egg-shaped versions of EOS lip balm products. Understandable, when EOS (sells over 1 million units a week) is worth approximately $250 million, and lip care is projected to increase to $2 billion by 2020, thanks to the increasing interest in organic and natural products.

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The changes that End Citizens United has in the Pipeline for the Country

One of the things that we as Americans like boasting about is the leaders of the free world. While there are many strides we have made to deserve this title, there are still issues with our current constitution which need to keep getting adjusted as we progress in our Democratic journey. At times, legislation created with the hope of making the lives of the ordinary citizen better end up causing more harm than good, especially if they have loopholes in them.


This situation seems to be what happened when the End Citizens United legislation was effected in 2010. The dream was to have the people come together and support the candidates who would bring about reforms, and Super PACs were created for this purpose. However, the same groups have become the loophole for everyone who wants to introduce dirty money into the campaigns and sway them in their favor; which is the issue that End Citizens United PAC is looking for ways of rectifying.


There are many strides that the group has taken towards making changes in the sector. They had started their advocacy before the concluded election campaigns kicked off. When they were getting started, they only had $2million to fund the candidates who believed in the same values as them. However, through grassroots contributions, they had managed to gather over $30 million by the end of the cycle. All this money went into the support of the Democratic Party candidates who were interested in their agenda.


The elections came and went, and the current president was sworn into office. But the repercussions of the decision that was made in 2010 still linger. The group has therefore decided that they will not stop their journey to wait for the midterms. They have been filing some petitions at the Supreme Court, all aimed at getting the changes they envision for the group made. The last filing they did was in February this year. For their petition to be successful, they are needed to have at least a million signatures. So far, they have collected 300,000 and are hoping to get more. They have liaised with the “Ready for Hilary’ movement which has close to four million members and is hoping this will increase the number of signatures they need.


Some critics think that going for an amendment to the constitution is a lot for the PAC. However, Richard Carbo claims that there is nothing wrong with their initiative. He adds that it is those people who are crazy enough to imagine they can change the world that eventually does it. The one thing that is sure about this group is that they are headed places with their initiatives.