Securus Technologies and GovPayNet Partner To Improve Communication In Correctional Facilities

GovPayNet is a firm that specializes in credit card processing, and services. The company serves about 25% of American citizens. It boasts of market presence and the news that it was recently acquired by Securus Technologies came as a surprise to many. Moreover, the company offers services for paying court fines, cash bails, and traffic violations. On the other hand, Securus Technologies provide technological solutions to correctional facilities, for crime and investigations department, and law enforcement.


Background Look


Securus has worked with other firms to improve their services, and reach more clients. It is among the leading technological firms in the state, and boasts of customer loyalty. Despite its milestones in the industry, Securus finds it necessary to acquire modern technology. This prompted them to acquire GovPayNet to improve service delivery and reach more clients. Although stakeholders were not sure at the beginning whether the deal would go through, everything worked out eventually. Securus is hopeful that the acquisition of GovPayNet will enable them to offer quality services and offer variety of services. Since GovPayNet specializes in credit card solutions, Securus said that they will retain solutions offered by the company to attract customers. Moreover, Securus wants to retain customers from the company, hence the idea to continue offering their services.




Robert Pickens, the President of Securus, is hopeful that GovPayNet will improve service delivery, and help them reach a wide audience. Pickens also pledged to continue working the management of GovPayNet to come up with strategies to improve the company, and how they can benefit from the process. He assured customers that Securus is determined to offer quality service and its recent acquisition is a step towards that goal. The management of GovPayNet also expressed optimism that Securus will be more effective and they will help when called upon. The future of Securus Technologies looks bright after the acquisition of GovPayNet.


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