Every business entity is involved in various financial transactions that could be sales, investments, lending, and borrowing. It creates a demand for different financial services and as such is Double Rock Corporation which is a successful financial technology firm specializing in cash – related solutions to banks and innovative cash management, dealers, qualified plans and the retail market. Bruce Bent II is an alumnus of Northeastern University where he pursued Bachelor of Science (Philosophy) and graduated in 1991.

Has been instrumental in the success of Double Rock Corporation where he has worked since 1991. Currently, he is the vice chairman and president of the corporation. Over the years the Double Rock Corporation has grown to wholly own various subsidiaries and affiliates such as; Access Control Advantage Inc, Landing Rock Group LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, LIDs Capital LLC and Intrasweep LLC. Bent acts as a senior executive in each of these subsidiaries. The Island Intellectual Property LLC specializes in patent licensing in the financial industry and has over 60 privately held patents.

As a successful and proven manager, Bent oversaw the tremendous growth and expansion of The Reserve which is a market mutual fund. He oversaw orderly liquidation and sale of some of the firms’ affiliates and divisions following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in the financial crisis of 2008. Some of the companies’ subsidiaries were voluntarily shut down by the management with investors in the Reserve Primary Fund receiving 99% on the dollar for their original investments and a 100% on the dollar for other investments.

Due to Bents massive success in the financial services industry, he has been quoted in several publications namely; the Financial Times, Wall Street and New York Times among others. He also featured in the book, Leadership Secrets of the World Most Successful CEOs and previous he was an investment columnist with China Press and World Journal publications.

Bruce Bent II has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial entities including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, health care financing, business consulting, financial technologies, intellectual property and asset management. Bent is a part of various organizations namely the Young Presidents’ Organization, a board 99 Jane Street Condominium Association, Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and has worked on the President’s consultative Council of Scenic Hudson.

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