Paul Mampilly: Investing in technology stocks

Paul Mampilly is a stock investor who has a lot to say on matters of investing. As a reputable and one of the most accomplished investors in the United States, he understands about this topic than many of the so-called experts. His understanding of this topic is a result of experience, brilliance and hard work in research. He has spent over two decades in this industry, and he is therefore familiar with almost everything there is in this industry. He has worked with the best of the best in the financial sector and has outshined them, especially those who work in the Wall Street.

Mampilly is respected for his ability to pick stocks which not even fellow experts can call. He surprises people with some selections which end up being the best gainers in every year. His ability to pick technology stocks is something that draws admiration from fellow investors. His opinion on various tocks on this industry is treated with respect as it has the potential to make some good money. When he makes a recommendation about any stock, investors have to take him seriously and follow him. He has proved to be correct many times and following his stocks can be a great way of making money passively.

Why Technology stocks?

Paul Mampilly generally loves technology stocks because he feels that it is easy for even new investors to spot opportunities. One needs to be keen on the technologies which are replacing the traditional ones. If you can manage to pick a good technological trend that will bring significant change in the usage of traditional technology, then you are on the right track towards making a good investment.

A good example of opportunities that are available in this industry is the electric cars manufacturing. These cars are about to change the transportation industry. They will replace gasoline cars which have been around for many years. When such a change takes place, the electric cars manufacturing companies will make hefty amounts of many

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager and the winner of the Templeton Foundation award of the best investor in the Wall Street in 2009.