Todd Levine: The Renowned Attorney

Todd Levine is a highly inspired and skillful attorney as well as a commercial lawyer who has specialized in taking legal actions against people and organizations. He was among the founder members of Kluger Kaplan. Todd Levine finds fresh ways to include in his creativity and well-organized expertise in his master plan. Having a substantial interest in the commercial real estate litigation, Todd Levine often symbolizes real buyers and sellers and the lending institutions. He directly participated in the financial arrangements and the investment partnerships.




Having dealt with antagonisms with the entertainment and sports arena, Todd Levine acquires new methods to use in his investigative mindset to find a distinctive approach for each of his clients. This can mean distancing one piece of proof or by stimulating a disagreement that might give coherence to what might otherwise be a complicated rivalry. By doing this, attorney Todd Levine obtains reliable feedback that he offers to his clients in return.




Being a member of the America Inns of Court, the Florida bar Grievance committee, Todd Levine has been spoken of in publications such as Business Edition and the Florida Trend Magazine for the significant accomplishments. He featured in the US news and the world report as one of the best litigation lawyers in America. In an interview, the attorney said that his familiarity in litigation was brought about by his natural ability to simplify the compound business disputes to his clients.




The attorney further said that his schedule and breakdown of the day differs depending on the nature of his clients. Therefore, Todd ensures that he has up to date information relating to what his clients deserve. He wisely utilizes his time to benefit his clients, their cases and to be on top of all topics.


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